7 Free Favicon Generator Tools

Welcome back.Today I would like to share about some free awesome tools that can be used to create a favicon for your site/blog. A favicon (short for favorites icon) is the icon or little logo you see next to your browser address bar and in your browser bookmarks. With these free favicon generator tools it … Read more

Use CloudFlare to Speed Up and Secure Your Site – For Free

The past five years have been exciting in terms of how hosting opportunities have changed. Not only have prices have come down across the board, cloud hosting accounts have improved reliability and scalability and content delivery networks (CDNs) have become more approachable, it has all happened seemingly in the blink of an eye. However, CloudFlare … Read more

Why and How to Use a CDN With WordPress

There is little doubt that WordPress is a very powerful site management tool. In terms of simplicity and usability, WordPress is already largely heralded as a king and with the improvements in the 3.0 branch, WordPress is also gaining ground in flexibility and power. However, WordPress has never really been the champ when its come … Read more