Hotot–The Hot New Twitter Application For Linux

twitter application for linuxThe Twitter applications have become a rage in the recent past. Nobody would have predicted the success of this application and experts are still wondering what made this micro-blogging tool to be a great success. There are several new applications being developed almost every day and it is clear that the blogging tool will have a long lasting life in this planet. Using twitter applications have become mandatory in the recent days and it is a great way to communicate to the external world. It offers good number of ways to manage your busy life. This short messaging platform has become the best platform to spend your valuable time to gather useful information as well as to play games. Twitter-the micro blogging tool has got something for everyone.

Despite the existence of thousands of native applications, Linux users have been knocking around the doors to catch up with the action. It is always said that you cannot have too much of good thing. You have got some good news to cheer about if you are a Twitter geek. ‘Hotot’, yet another twitter application is determined the change the face of Linux users. So, has it got something very special to deliver to the world?

This new application looks great and is easy to work with. It is more user friendly for the iPhone and Android phones rather than the desktop computers. However, the creators still argue that the intended application is for the Linux desktop users. This application has got a very slick transitory animation and does things in a great way. The look and feel of this is very great and even a new user will be comfortable to work with. So, let’s look about the features of this new app.

The “Tweet Views” is one of the hottest features of Hotot. It has a retweet pane which will allow you to see all the re-tweeted messages in their own stream. To give a better explanation, you can see your own retweets and the same ones which were retweeted by others.

Hotot supports extension frameworks which will allow you to add extra tools and services. For example, you can add any tool which will help you to add an image or animation feature.

The indicator applet is a feature with lots of redundant features. It contains a meager selection of simple entries displaying “show” and “exit”. The “preferences” option does not offer anything special and extra.

So, what are the standard features that can be seen? Hotot comes with some of the standard menu options such as Inbox/Outbox, Favorites, Edit Profile, Mentions, Search, Follow/Un-follow users, retweet functionalities.

Are you convinced with the features of this tool? When have you planned to download and use this new application? There have been some recent advancement made in this tool and be careful to download the most recent version.

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