How To Drive Traffic From Other Blogs

drive traffic from other blogsWelcome back to EarningDiary. Today I am going to share few tips which are useful to convert your blog walking into quality traffic and every blogger including you can do it without any difficulty.

7 Easiest Ways to Drive Traffic From Other Blogs

1. Leave your comment in other blogs is the first you should do to drive traffic to your blog from other blogs and I am talking about quality comment.The more comments you leave, the more traffic you will get.

2. Link exchange is another killer way to get traffic from other blogs. But if you do it with your niche blog it can be a big help for you. When these sites grow and get huge traffic, you will also get benefit of that.

3. If they support guest posting then write a quality post for them. Most of the blogger allow 2-3 links to their guest author’s website. If you do it continuously for popular, high traffic blogs, you will get your result very soon.

4. Now a days most of the blogs use top commentator plugin.Focus on these blogs and try to become top commentator. By doing this you will not only get quality traffic but also you will get do follow backlinks.

5. Commenting on comluv enabled blogs can also help you to get quality traffic to your blog by displaying your last post link automatically in the end of your comment.

6. If you sponsor a prize on a contest organized by a popular or famous blog,then also you can bring traffic to your blog from other blogs. Sometimes sponsoring a prize helps you to get lots of dofollow links from other blogs.

7. I have seen many high quality blogs where top commentator of the month is rewarded with free advertising banners.This is also one of the best way to get quality traffic from other blogs.

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