Ill Effects Of Blogging

ill effects of bloggingWe certainly know the boons and profits of running a blog, but very often we realize its ill effects. There are some ill effects of blogging which we realize sooner or later.

Those things are outlined below :

Blogging is very addictive

If you are running a blog, you always want more people to visit you blog and comment or follow you. When you start getting good amount of visits to your blog, you start writing more articles to attract wide range of visitors. All this process is very exhausting and quite addictive. Many people keep on checking their blog statistics to check their recent visits. If you feel like you are getting addicted to blogging world, take time for yourself. Go for a short holiday and do not touch your blog for 2-3 days.

You don’t have time for other stuffs

If not blogs, you would have chose to have an evening walk or would spend time reading book or gardening. But blogs have changed this all. At some point blogs becomes priority and people lose interest in other activities. You should remember that blogs are important but other activities are also important to refresh mind.

People cuts themselves  from social life

Blogs were generally created to be more social and share your thoughts, but sometimes it leads to opposite road. People cut themselves from social gatherings and parties, just because they are busy writing a blog and making their readers happy. Take some time for your friends and relatives and meet them personally and not on internet.

Blogs are gaining popularity, try to grasp the profits they provide but be careful about ill-effects you may suffer.

This is a guest post by Sneha K from Mumbai. You can visit her blog ThingsInBlackNWhite to read more articles written by Sneha.

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