10 Most Popular Browser Extensions for Twitter

Welcome back to EarningDiary. We all know twitter is one of the most popular social networking site and its popularity is increasing day by day. Today, We shall discuss the 10 most popular browser extensions of twitter in detail: Feather With the help of the feather extension you can clear up or change the twitters … Read more

Precisely Why People Unfollow You on Twitter

Attaining Twitter followers is an important part to any brand’s social media method. Maintaining individual supporters is simply as important. We have to continue tweeting about relevant, fascinating content; if not our target audience will strike their “unfollow” button – swiftly. There are numerous main reasons why people unfollow the Twitter account, and if you … Read more

How to Enjoy Twitter without Becoming Obsessed

In recent years, the inexorable rise in the popularity of social networking sites has led to hundreds of millions of people signing up to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. For many users, it has become almost impossible to get through a whole day without updating statuses, exchanging opinions, posting photographs or interacting with friends. … Read more

Hotot–The Hot New Twitter Application For Linux

The Twitter applications have become a rage in the recent past. Nobody would have predicted the success of this application and experts are still wondering what made this micro-blogging tool to be a great success. There are several new applications being developed almost every day and it is clear that the blogging tool will have … Read more