Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Small Business

benefits of mobile marketingThe increasing technological capabilities and widespread use of smartphones dictate that companies embrace mobile marketing to stay relevant. Your business will screech to a premature halt without some form of marketing, but in today’s fast paced environment mobile marketing is imperative to your business success.

Smartphones have expanded the functionality of traditional phones, and as they become a huge part of consumers’ lives, mobile marketing will become vital to your company’s survival. Even small businesses are able to compete on an even keel with larger brands with this type of marketing. Going mobile will open up new opportunities to expand your customer base and increase sales.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of going mobile, read on for the top three benefits for your business.

Mobile Provides a Better Way to Reach Customers

Mobile marketing provides something that few other marketing strategies are able to deliver: that something is immediacy. It gives businesses a tool to get their messages into their customers’ hands in a matter of seconds. If your company encourages two-way engagement, your recipients can quickly respond to your message. This is why it’s so important to partner with mobile advertising companies to ensure your mobile campaign’s success. They will not only send out your messages, but also facilitate two way conversations. Every successful marketing campaign must promote interaction and engagement.

The immediacy of mobile marketing leads to incredibly high response rates. Consumers might toss a postcard or email aside for later – never to be remembered. But with their smartphones in hand, they can respond quickly to your messages. Embedded technology also allows for tracking downloads, opt-ins, page visits, and response rates. The results will provide valuable insights, which you can use to improve your next campaign.

Better SEO

Did you know that over 75 percent of smartphone users conduct a mobile search as soon as they see an intriguing ad on the television, online, or in print? If your site is optimized strictly for desktop users, you could be missing out on hundreds of prospective customers.

It’s not good enough to target desktop users. Mobile users have different motivations, and they search under different circumstances. Targeting mobile users will improve your site’s SEO and increase your customer base. Here’s why. Someone searching for a great present on a desktop may not be as anxious to purchase as someone who completes the same search on a mobile device. The latter person may be actively looking for a store to purchase the present. With a yearly 130 percent growth in mobile searches, why are you still debating the feasibility of mobile marketing?

Local Targeting

Another way your business could be overlooking a lucrative customer base is by not targeting local customers. Mobile marketing positions your brand right in front of your local market. Your business has a perfect opportunity to get a constant stream of new leads and repeat customers who are all eager to purchase what you have to offer. Use local targeting as a part of your mobile campaign and you’ll increase your brand’s visibility, increase your ad engagement and response rates, drive in-store sales and traffic, and recognize a significant conversion rate, all on a small budget.

Once users take the time to engage with your mobile advertising, you can expect a large percentage of them to visit your in-store location. This is why local targeting is so important.

Your business has an enormous opportunity to influence key audiences with mobile. Recognize the potential and give your business the edge it needs to thrive in this competitive environment.

Adam Pritchard is a small business technology consultant. He enjoys sharing his insights through blogging.