Blogavenger-Awesome WordPress Plugin to Copyright a Blog

blogavengerAre you running a WordPress blog and you are not able to make enough money, in spite of putting your best efforts?  If yes, is your answer, then you should not worry as the article is going to address your problem in a convincing manner. You will equally get to know the reason as to why others are making a big chunk of money but not you. Worse more is that you are struggling to pay for your hosting, in spite of the fact that your posts are a lot superior to others.

Avenger Tracks The Known Scrapers And Bans Them

In such an intense competitive world, there is a growing need to protect your site from endless numbers of content thieves who are eyeing towards stealing the content. They just feel proud of copy-pasting every thing which is posted on you website. It can’t get worse as Google rank their website higher from the content which you wrote as you put a big chunk of your time in the process. Since, they are undeservingly taking the share of the hard work which you have done.

Files DMCA Notices

This user friendly WordPress plugin is going to solve your detailed problems in a convincing manner. It effectively checks the advancement of scrapers who have been indulging in the copy pasting of your content. Hence, after detecting the copyright infringements, it generates DMCA notice and you can emphatically stop the malpractice. The plugin is going to create a revolutions, thanks to the immense utilities it has in such a competitive world where even the slightest mistake by the owner, can prove to be a death knell for you.

Blogavenger Watermarks The Images For Enhanced Security

Blogavenger raises the security level by watermarking your images by equally banning the IPs of known scrapers. Therefore, you are able to put an end to the seemingly endless problems of yours in a quick and easy manner. Using Blogavenger really make blogging easy and secure.

Disables The Facility to Select Text

Thanks to the facility which is provided by the renowned plugin Blogavenger, it is able to disable text selection. Thus, internet thieves cannot select the text on your bog and copy it into a notepad to be used further.

The Cost of Avenger

If you thought, that you have to burn a hole in your pocket, towards getting the service, think again. Since, you will get such a sophisticated plugin in just $29.00. However, if you want to get a trial period firstly, then you can do the same as well just by shelling $1, you will be get the benefit of using the service for 7 days. Great, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

Now, you do not have to be demoralized in spite of putting endless efforts to save yourself from such a dilemma. As thanks to Blogavenger, you are able to create a state of satisfaction, happiness and relief since you know that your content is not going to be stolen for sure. Hence, it is the feeling of being safe which work wonders towards boosting your morale as you strike to work even harder than ever before. Isn’t it? A free version of the plugin also available in the market, which come with less features as compared to pro version.

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