5 Steps of Finding Guest Post Blog

finding guest post blogGuest posting is indeed one of effective ways of increasing your blog traffic. However, this effective method becomes ineffective if you don’t pick the best blog for posting. I know that many websites are offering you a chance to write for them but you need to carefully select a blog for this purpose. Being a guest on other blog is very nice but you should try to enjoy hosting of good blogs. Otherwise, you will get a link that’s not very worthy for your own blog.

When you land onto a blog, you first need to check the quality of content available there. Read the posts so that you can get an idea whether these are useful and informative for the readers or not.

Here are five easy steps that you can follow to find quality guest post blog under your niche.

Guest Post Finder

It is not always easy to find a high quality guest post blog. But a guest post software can make this task simple and easier for you. You will glad to know that most of the guest post finder software comes with some great features like easy to use, sort blogs by Domain Authority, save Searchers for Future Outreach etc.

Search Website on Search Engine

Next step you need to take is to search the website on the search engine with an intention to get an idea of site’s results. I also advise you to check titles of some posts in the search engine so that you can know where these posts come into the page of search engine. Here I would like to give you an example. I own blogging related websites, thus generally I love to be a guest of jewelry websites. I try to check the diamonds related posts of other blogs on the search engines and this search makes it simple for me to decide whether to submit a post for guest posting or not. If I found it useful then I can submit a post like 5 top diamond  rings for a bride. If your niche is blogging then you can about some important facts about blogging.

Check Alexa Rank

It’s indeed the most important step you need to follow before submitting a guest post. Alexa rank of site will make it clear for you what is traffic stat of the website. Generally, you can accept a blog if its rank is less than 400,000. You are also able to find the regional data of blogs. This data matters to you if you blog belong to the same region so, consider it too.

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Have a Look at Site Links

Thanks to Alexa, it offers us a chance to check the site links as well. If a blog has more than 100 links with some star ratings, you should give it a try. Whenever I need to find a blog for the marketing of loose diamonds, I first evaluate the site performance through site links. Trust me, this step always work for me.

Explore Blog Social Connections

Last but not the least; you should check the social connections of blogs. Check the tweets, +1, Facebook likes, and post shares. It’s also good to open post with an intention to know how many people like and comment on it. During the checking process of a blog, I always check the comment section of posts. Many blogs have a lot of posts with no comments and I don’t like this fact. A blog should be well-connection on different social platforms.

I’m sure that you would be able to find the best blogs for guest posting after following these steps. I also advise you to submit informative posts on quality blogs as it’s the way of getting the attention of more visitors toward your own blog.

Happy Guest Posting!!!!

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