SEO Myths–Get The New Picture For Higher Ranks

myths about SEOSearch engine optimization looks like a simple process, but in actual it is a set of activities to bring a website at top of search engines to win attention of the targeted audiences. If you look for right piece of advice over World Wide Web, then you might come across many conflicting and different views regarding best practices of search engine optimization.

Making a blog popular needs search engine optimization and that requires support of a reliable web marketing company. Most of the times web marketing companies claim to be the best and promise to deliver the quality and ethical services only, but in actual the results stay for shorter time and sometimes the website may have to face the ban by search engines. If you remain fail in analyzing the situation, you would be damage your authority, repute, credibility and also the page rank. All this would also result in heavy loss to a business and also bring lower number of visitors.

Myths About SEO That Are Dead Now

Following g are the approaches that were used in the past to make a website popular at search engines and help in getting good response from targeted audiences. But, now great care is needed to go any of these ways.

Link Buying – It Can Be Disastrous

It was thought previously that buying links is good to bring higher site traffic at any website. There are many websites that offer free links for the purpose of link building, but these links can be of low quality that can harm your website in the long run. Your website may lose credibility and repute at major search engines and also a loss of your investment over business and also over marketing campaign.

Instead of buying links, go for backlinks that will support SEO efforts for your website. This is the organic way of bringing targeted traffic at any website.

First Page Ranking – Wish Of Every Online Businessman

Everyone is competing for the same keywords which means only 30% of traffic is the target of most online businesses. But, this should be kept in mind that 70% searches revolve around long tail keywords that rarely become focus of SEO campaigns.

Quality content is one best solution to get advantage from specific keywords whether short or long tail ones. Stay focused with the topic and use keywords intelligently.

Frequent Use Of SEO Keywords

Many SEO experts use keywords excessively in the content. But, Google will consider it stuffing and you may face a ban or penalizing by major search engines.

Instead of stuffing content with keywords. Write your content for human readers only and don’t think you are going to hit machines. Only compelling content enriched with appropriate keywords will help your website ranking high at search engines and helping your ending profit. Write content that will be preferred by users for recommending.

Duplication Is Dangerous

Google penalize or ban websites with duplicated content. This has become a serious issue at present due to content farming standards. But, you can do that by linking back to main articles or content present at your own website that might be left as such while others copy your content.

These are the myths and solution to the issues being faced by internet marketers at present. Now you might be in a position to make good use of SEO tactics to fly high at search engines and to get attention of targeted audiences.

This was a guest post by Aimee Sparker, an internet marketer and content writer with 5 year experience. Presently, Aimee is working with Nationwide Synergy, Inc. Nationwide Synergy, Inc deals with hormone deficiency in men and women to make them fit and young yet again.

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