Killer Keywords And Its Importance

 killer keywordsMost of the people go on to the net for one common reason to find information. They search different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to find information. What individuals enter in the search criteria is called the ‘keyword phrase’. For example if you perform a Google search for the term “make money” then you have to used the keyword phrase ‘make money”. Have you find the information what you were looking for? If not then you can perform another Google search -“how to make money online“. This is another keyword phrase.

This is always important to find profitable and killer keywords phrases. Here profitable means those keywords, that have a decent amount of daily searches, but also have a lower amount of competition. Keywords are what lead search engine users to your site. It does not matter how many websites, blogs, articles you have without traffic all are meaningless. So Choosing the right and killer keywords is the first step to better search engine positioning. When you think about your keywords, think about your service users and then target them with proper keywords.

Choosing the right keywords for your blog/site is always important.It determines whether your SEO campaign is success or not. It is always best to focus on long tail keywords. Another important thing we must remember everyday about keyword is to use it in proper places. Best places to use your keywords-

1. In URL

2. Meta description

3. HTML Title

4. Text of the page

5. Meta keywords

What Makes a Keyword a Great Keyword?

1. A great and killer keyword is a buy keyword (that means that people will buy).

2. It has high number of searches and has less competition.

3. If it’s 200,000 or less (not a strict value) then you may be able to rank for the term pretty quickly.

4. Look only target keyword phrases that will bring you in CASH, NOT just TRAFFIC.

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