7 Things You Should Know To Write a Killer Article

write a killer article1. Eye Catching Headlines-This is the first part of your article that readers see and draw their attention to read what you have written or it can prevent people from reading your article. Headline also has an impact how different search engines will rank your article. Remember the headline of your article can make  or break your article. This is the most important point to make your article a killer one.

2. Don’t write much about yourself-If you are not a celebrity or a player then don’t write much about yourself. You readers may be not interested on you. It is one of the biggest mistake made by most of the bloggers.

3. Give what your readers want-Always try to keep your readers happy. Give them what they want and even more. Without readers a blog with great contents is also meaningless. If you want to make money online seriously they try to make your readers happy.

4. Keep your article simple,short-Another important point you should remember to write a killer article. Make your article as simple as possible. Remember that you are speaking directly to your readers in your writing. Another important thing is that make your article short and to the point. It should be between 200-400 words. Make sure that your posts are easy to scan.

5. Be informative-All are hungry for good information. In fact, it is the primary reason why your readers are reading your articles. Remember Information is the key to having success with article marketing.

6. Use subheads-Always Use subheads every few paragraphs, even in a 250 words post. Give them a good reason in your first paragraph why they should read your article.Use maximum 60-85 words in each paragraph.

7. Law of attraction-If you are following all things I have mentioned above definitely you are writing a good article. Just add few things to your article to make it killer. Guess what? you should make it more attractive. But how? By just following these simple things-

  • Use bulleted points whenever you can.
  • Use bold text and italics where it is necessary. Search engines give extra attraction to bold texts.
  • Try to use the simplest possible word.
  • Check your spelling, your grammar, your content, and your style. You can use this free grammar checker to check your grammar online.

Conclusion:-An killer article should be like a woman’s skirt -“Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to be interesting”. Writing a killer article takes a lot of time and patience. But once you write it you will get good amount of traffic. I have added almost everything required to write a killer article. If anything left please let me know by adding your valuable comments below. Still something left to write. Guess what? Wish you a very happy friendship day to all my readers.

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