3 Effective Sites For Social Media Marketing

social media marketingThinking and planning of a tactic to pull in customers to your small business is a big undertaking. In fact, it is stressing. But have you heard of social media marketing? Maybe you can make use of the social media sites and the corresponding strategies below to help you grow your business.

The first social media site I can recommend is Facebook. With Facebook, you can do more with less. You can establish online presence for free through this site. You need to create a page for your company. After which, you can start putting in information about your business.

Next thing you need to do is to compare your online presence with your rivals via Facebook. Look at the number of pages, fans, or friends that they already have. Does their count exceed yours? Allot a time to read and check their posts so you will know how they use this site to their advantage. You can even peek at their picture and videos too.
If you want to take Facebook-ing to the next level, you can register for a business account. However, there are limitations to this account. If you want, you can always run ads in this site.

Another site that paved way for other small businesses is Twitter. If your business does not have an account yet, you might want to consider signing up today. When you register, make sure that you use your company name and NOT your name.

As soon as you sign up, learn the ropes of this social media so it will be easier for you to communicate with other people. Allot about 30 minutes of this time for that purpose. You can search for your competitor’s name or account and see how they make use of Twitter to market their services and products.

Look for your name too. You will see if any customer mentioned you in their post along with their request (perhaps). Aside from just logging into Twitter, you can use tools like TweetDeck and Tweetie. These tools can help you follow the trending and most researched topics. If you want, you can also group the people you follow for more focus.

Company blogs are helpful too. If you are considering this option, you might want to register a domain for your company. Platforms such as WordPress and Blogger are easy. However, you will have limited “say” on the content or elements of your site. So before deciding on your company blogs options, think them over.

If you have set up your own blog, you need original and cleverly-written content. This will help you pull in more customers. Keep your blog fresh and updated to keep clients coming back for more. One tip I can give you is to write about your area of expertise. You can give tips or advices.

Your only enemy here is time. You need to dedicate a lot of your time for this strategy. In addition, you will also need Twitter or Facebook to promote your new content. The good thing is that there are plugins available to make sharing your posts easier. You can research about them and pick one that works best for you.

What about you? What do you think is the best social media site for your social media efforts? Do let me know!

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