5 active Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

earn money from your blogBlogs are a new way of communicating information to wide audiences.  Since the advances in technology writers are able to reach a larger audience.  Writers can now have readers from around the world reading their works instead of just a local audience. For example when most writers use to write for magazines, newspapers and other printed publication, writers was limited to the audiences the circulation would reach.  With more and more countries coming online writers for a local newspaper are able to have readers in a totally different state possible country.  Blogs are not only a good source for reaching audience but also you can earn money online with your blog.  Many writers and experts earn money from their blogs by affiliate advertisement, intext advertisement, Google adsense, SEO and sponsorships,shopping and merchant carts.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate advertisement is when a blog agrees to post banners about a company on their blog.  Affiliate advertisement usual pay the blogger per click bases.  Per click is when someone visiting the blog clicks on the banner. Payout for per click is usual one or two cent per click, sure it may not sound like very much but if a blogger have over 10,000 visitors per month and 5,000 visitor click on the banner it can really add up. Some affiliates pay when people click and buy something from their store. Usually compensation is a lot higher then pay per click.


Adsense is a program introduced by Google; it is a chain of affiliates signed up with Google adword. Google gather information about the affiliates such as who, what, when, where they would like their ads targeted. They match this information against websites signed up with Google adsense. Once matched Google will rotate the banner with all match affiliates.  Usually bloggers are paid per click with Google adsense.

Intext advertising

Intext advertisement is when a blogger places links to a different website or mention a product in their article.  Intext advertisement is one of the most powerful internet advertisement tools because if a visitor is already reading the article they more likely to click the link.  The article must be written in a manner of less advertisement and more informative. A good example of intext advertisement is when a blogger write about tips on how to use bleach for other purposes. Blogger will give some great tips on bleach use while mentioning the brand of bleach they are advertising and links if possible.

SEO keyword targeting is when a blogger uses high traffic keywords in their articles to get higher ranks in the search engine or search engine recognition. When bloggers use this strategy they mention the keyword a minimum of two times within an article. This would bring more visitors to the blog.


This is one of the ways to earn money easily after your blog get popular. In this category you just need to keep the company ads or their domains or sub-domains in your blog. Company themselves offer this option, when your blog is having high popularity and traffic. You will be paid as per the conditions and deal with the company. In this, you can make money with no piece of work.

Shopping carts and merchants Carts

This is popularly known one. People are now showing more interest in doing shopping via online. They do sell or buy any products via online shopping cart online. Adding this feature into your into your website as merchant services as well as shopping card you will be definitely benefited. Adding your products with these affiliate products, you can increase your sales high .For sure that you will be earned money.

This was guest post by Vijay who work for Lumin, After working at both traditional and interactive marketing firms, Spencer Belkofer decided to start an a Internet marketing company Lumin. He often blogs on various issues related to digital marketing, including advice on creating an online forum.

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