Here are 5 Great Ways To Make Money Online

Some of my friends think making money online is really easy. As if we have a bunch of people throwing money at us while we browse the Internet. While the fact is true that making money online is possible, it is also true that you need to do the right thing and move in correct direction in order to make money while you are working online.great ways to make money online

When I first started this online thing, I got scammed, wasted my time on websites that promised to pay me big bucks if I just clicked on a few links. Did it work? Definitely not. But once I found out what I was doing wrong and how I could make REAL money online, I got addicted to it. The idea of sitting at home behind a computer screen and making money sounds luring but it takes hard work to make money anywhere in the world. Always remember, free lunch is only found in mousetraps.

But let me make a few things easy for you guys and tell you some legitimate ways you can make some money online. If you have extra money you can always try and increase the amount by playing online games and win real money. If you don’t have extra money at all there are few other options. Keep in mind this is not free money and you need to work in order to earn. Let’s get started.

These websites pay for some work

There are all kinds of startups; apps and websites starting up everyday and each of these have some testing work to do. Some of them want you to fill in some surveys and do some other works. Then there are sites where you can do some gig for a certain amount of money. These are the kinds of websites that we are going to mention in this post.

User Testing

This website will pay you to test websites that are new and each testing gig will award you $10 and the tests won’t take more than 20-30 minutes maximum. The motive is that the owner or webmaster of the website will watch you using or navigating through the website and decide how easy it is for a user to use the website they have developed.


Fiverr is a gigs marketplace where you as a seller can put up gigs you can do for $5 and the buyer will buy gigs from you and you will have a certain amount of time to deliver. I have seen people sell their skills like making logos, audio samples, even dubbing and making videos.

Izea Media

Izea works on a simple theory. You post a sponsored post on your blog, or a social media handle and you get paid. You will be provided gigs that you can accept and put up on your Twitter page, Facebook page or even on your blog and you will get paid for those posts.

This works on a similar concept as Fiverr but for writers and content buyers. You set your price and content buyers will choose you to write content for them. For every approved post you get some amount. You can work your way up the ranks and get some great money out of this.


If you are looking for more money then you can try this website. They pay you $50 for each post that is approved and you can write about making money online and many other topics.

Freelance Content Creation

This is the best job for students. With the increase in the number of websites online, you can easily get a few bucks for creating various different type of content for various websites. There are many websites that pay you a certain amount per post. You can also work as a full-fledged freelancer who can take up bulk tasks and create content and get paid. Do you want to earn more? Please check online jobs for student guide.

Sell stuff online

If you have an offline business where you sell stuff, then you can start selling the same online too. Or you can just get started with selling stuff online but you need to know what people need and what they are looking for. All types of products can be sold online, anywhere from the clothes just sitting in your wardrobe, even to wine you’ve not touched! If you’re selling wine in particular you can find out more about that online, but if there are other items you’re looking to make money on, the following are the few sites you can do so on.

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • CraigsList


Making money via blogging is possible but let me tell you its not easy. Its really tough unless you have a blog with readers who come back to read more of your stuff regularly. You can make money via a blog in many ways and some of them are listed below.

  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored posts/reviews
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Providing premium content


Vlogging is a new term and has become famous in the recent years with the rise of video sharing sites like YouTube. You can make videos about anything. Be it your daily personal diary, be it about some restaurant you visited or a product you bought. Vlogging gives you a medium to provide information in a better way and it also provides you an epic way of earning money online as sites like YouTube will pay you a part of money earned from the ads on your channel.