5 Ways to Design Perfect Landing Page for Website

Design Perfect Landing PageA landing page is extremely important for the business as it reflects the objective of a company on its website. The landing page describes the purpose of the business and claims the services it can provide to the customer. The magnitude of its importance can be adjudged by the fact that almost 30 percent of the visitors stick to the website because of its attractive landing page. There are a set of rules that are applied for the setting up of a landing page but every company comes with their own unique idea.

There are some elements which should be kept in mind while designing a landing page. Here are some of those tips to help construct a perfect landing page for the company:

Catchy Headlines:

Headlines catch every reader’s attention; therefore they play a very important role in the formation of a “perfect Landing Page” for the company. The headlines have an immense power to make the landing page look attractive. They must be very clear, precise and full of info. They should define the purpose of your company’s landing page. It enables the users to predict their expectations regarding the landing page. Some keywords like “features” and “advantages” must be properly written down in the headline.

Simple, yet professional layout:

The layout of a landing page is extremely important. It should be cleverly crafted. The interface and layout of the page must be simple and sober. It should not have any strong colors or strong font. A simple layout enhances the professionalism of the landing page as well. For a company, it’s very important to maintain its professionalism in order to attract genuine clients. The layout must talk straight about the purpose of the company and it should out-rule all the possible distractions off the way.

One Call to Action:

Sometimes, in the lure of making more profits, the website owners commit the mistake of placing more than one call to action which is a huge risk to put it on the landing page. This leads to huge confusions and readers tend to drift away from the website as multiple calls look very loud and pushy. Therefore, keeping one call to action plays a pivotal role in making a good landing page.

Remove all the links:

It’s very important for the website owners to eliminate the presence of all the links which provide distraction to the user. It deviates the user from the purpose of landing page. Therefore, the links should be avoided in order to keep the reader stuck to the website.

Form vs. Button:

There is a big decision that has to be made before the creation of a perfect landing page. The selection is to be made between a form and a button. They possess their own benefits and problems. Therefore, it becomes quite confusing for the reader to select one of those options. A form has a very attractive appeal and has more advantages than a button. Therefore, the website owners should emphasize more on forms rather than button in order to create a perfectly looking “landing page”.