Understanding Mobile Blogging

mobile bloggingWhen you are a successful blogger and blogging your ideas on a regular basis sometimes there is a situation where you get a fair idea in your head full of words but you are not within the proximity of any computer. In this situation, it is obvious that you may get frustrated and the idea, which just crossed your mind, may not be published as you forget it in your daily work to get away from this frenzy you can use Smartphone that will be a unique way to write your blog whenever and wherever possible. You can even update that blog within few clicks to let your readers have an insight about the recent thoughts that have emerged out of your mind. Today there are lot of phones coming in the market which are enabled with major functions and Mobile blogging is nothing but Blogs created and updated from your Cellular Phone, Internet connected PDA and other connected portable mobile devices like iPad.

Understanding your Mobile Devices

In order to understand mobile blogging you will have to understand some of the applications, which are required to enable these services on your mobile, and checking whether your mobile is good enough to stand all these applications. If your phone needs some external applications to be downloaded from Interent, then you will have to make provisions for such downloads.

Advantages of Mobile Blogging

You have access to your ideas whenever you feel like writing in some topic, which has just crossed your mind. Suppose in a journey but you get all the words and ideas about the potential blog, which has to be featured in blog list so you dint, have to back off, as you are not having access to your computer. Many Smartphone these days come with QWERTY keypad hence it provides ease in using that keyboard. You can eventually make a blog post the moment it hits your brain.

Using Other Medias

You can take photographs from your cell [phone as most of the Smartphone have cameras ranging from 2MP lenses. This format is more than suitable to make your images prolific to be viewed on Computer resolution. You can incorporate these images in your blog if you are writing about any place where you are staying currently. In addition to this, you can also add a video, which will correspond, to your blog content. All these features are available on your cell phone as well on the mobile PDA devices.

All this process will save your valuable time and help you update your ideas and blog at the same moment when a new topic and idea ventures in your mind. Therefore, you never have to be around your computer to publish your blogs. You call do all the normal activities of blogging via Mobile phones and other internet connected mobile devices.

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