How to Determine Your Blogging Frequency?

determine your blogging frequencyHow often should you blog? This is a question that sooner or later you will ask if you are really serious with your blogging activities. Unfortunately there is not a unique answer to this question and it will all depend on various factors. Some bloggers might find that blogging weekly can be enough while some others might want to post daily and even multiple times in a single day. In order to help you take the best decision I will be providing you a quick overview of the different criteria that you need to take into account when determining your blogging frequency.

Know the market
There are some niches where posting weekly might be enough and even recommended while some other niche will need more frequent updates. For instance if you are running a gossip blog then it might be required to post multiple times within a single day while a financial analyst blog will call for more in-depth analysis. In the latter case, your readers should be ready to accept less frequent posts provided it is done correctly.

Writing Capabilities
The frequency at which you blog will also be impacted by your own writing capabilities. Can you create content on a frequent basis? Will you need to outsource? These are all questions that you will have to answer before you determine your blogging frequency. You might also need to be wary of what we call writer’s burnout.

Interaction on your site
There might be a correlation between your posting frequency and also the interaction on your site. For instance people that read your blog posts through a RSS reader might tend to skip some of your posts or just skim through if you post frequently.

On the other hand posting less frequently on your blog may encourage visitors to return to your site and reply to their previous comments thus fostering the development of a community on your blog.

These 3 criteria are perhaps the most important ones when it comes to determining your blogging frequency but you might have trouble in the beginning. It is only after a period of testing that you will be able to settle on a kind of blogging rhythm.
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