5 simple ways to increase views on YouTube

increase views on YouTubeWhile you are making a video and uploading it on YouTube, you must be having this thought in mind that your video must get incredible hits. However, as there are millions of videos already uploaded to the YouTube portal every day, it is quite difficult for your small video content to compete with them, which are not only informative but also entertaining. But, just because there are millions of videos already uploaded to the portal, it does not mean that yours will go completely unseen. There are several different ways that you can consider to make your video simply stand out as well as increase your views on YouTube. All you have to do is to employ the tactics mentioned below.

Tips to increase views on YouTube

Make Your Video Visible

No one is going  to watch your video when it is not visible to the public. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are placing appropriate links to your videos when posting them in high traffic areas like your social media websites, blog and website. You should also ensure that your videos are well optimized for SEO purposes so that they can easily appear in the search engine results. Your videos should contain all the relevant keywords that people have been using on the search engines to find the related information that you have provided in your own video.

Respond With It

Search for other related videos that have the same topic, and check out the comments section, you can come up with a responsive video content too. Ensure that the video you are picking has a large number of hits, and then you should be posting your content as a response to that particular video. The author of the certain video will require to authenticate your comment first it becomes visible to others, however once approved, any online users who lands on the page will have the content visible to them.

Make Use Of The Best Thumbnails

A thumbnail is basically an image capture that appears on your videos. When you are considering increasing your views, you have to ensure that you are opting for the best available thumbnail for your video. Babies, kittens, naked people, Violence, find out the ones that fit your story and must have the best and most entertaining thumbnail image. When users will see your thumbnail image that interests them, they are more likely to watch your video to check out what it is all about.

Come up With Quality Content

Eventually, the way you are going to increase your hits is if your viewers consider sharing your content with others. To make them share your videos, you need to provide them with quality content. Ensure that your video is not only informative but entertaining as well. If they do not get anything out of your content, they certainly are not going to share it. If they do not share, your video is more of a flop.

Get Comments!

One of the best means to increase your YouTube views is to make people comment on your content. In order to earn more and more comments, ensure you ask them with some vital question at the end of your video. Your viewers can then make use of the comment’s feature to share their ideas and opinions. Comments are the best approach when you are looking for more hits, as comments increase the stretch of your content when it comes to search engines and visibility.

Creating videos and then uploading them on YouTube is a great means to promote not only your expertise but your business too, but if you do not have enough views, you will not be able to find success with your video endeavors.

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