5 Tips for Hiring Virtual Workers for Your Project

Tips for Hiring Virtual WorkersBusinesses are increasingly relying on virtual workers for many operations. By their nature, virtual assistants are left to their own devices with limited supervision. This means the only protection you have is to ensure that your hiring process is impeccable to hire a worker that fits your criteria as closely as possible. This post will discuss five tips for hiring virtual workers.

Create a job description and its requirements

There is no way you can get the right person for a job without defining just exactly what the job is. Put down all the responsibilities you expect from the successful applicant and factor in how the virtual worker will fit in your current business set up. You should also clarify whether the position is part time, full time or task-based. It is also necessary to describe the requirements for doing the job, such as Internet connection, necessary hardware, skills and other requirements necessary for the position you are offering.

Determine your budget

You should determine how much you are willing to pay for the position, so that you work within your budget. Budgeting helps you to narrow down your choices and stick to workers who meet your priorities. To ensure that you make the right offer to your potential virtual workers, you should know what other firms in your industry are paying their virtual workers. You can do your research on typical remunerations on virtual employee forums or hiring sites listings.

Factor in language barrier and cultural issues

Don’t forget that English is not spoken in all countries when doing your hiring. Though most countries have English speakers, this does not mean that they are fully fluent in the language. In fact, this goes for all other major languages. Thus, you should narrow down your search by specifically asking for applicants well versed in the language you want your virtual worker to operate in. There might also be cultural differences if you are recruiting from other countries, and you might not even be aware of them. To prevent potential conflicts, be as specific as possible with your requirements and consider only those who meet them. For example, if you workers must work on odd days like holidays or weekends, make sure you explicitly state so.

Screen the applicants

The applications you receive should all be screened to ensure they are from legitimate persons. This is something you must do even if some of the applicants have been referred to you from your peers. The screening should include checking and confirming their skills, experience and background (where applicable). Insist on 2 to 3 references from the candidates; and you should contact these references before the interview process is over.

Insist on real names

In general, it is safe to work with workers who operate with their real names because they have a reputation to protect. This is true whether the name in question is a company one or an individual’s name. Anonymous workers can easily abandon you half way through the project, and you will have no way of seeking redress.

After a successful hiring process, do not assume your job is done. You need to manage and monitor your virtual worker to enjoy maximum productivity. There are several methods of monitoring virtual workers, and one of them is by using employee monitoring software such as My Team Monitor. Some of these softwares even work on your SmartPhones too. You should also insist on regular status updates to know how your project is progressing.

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