PPC For Beginners

ppc for beginnersPPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is one of the most strategic methods to advertise and draw the attention of potential customers. Compared to many similar techniques, this one brings in a solid conversion rate. The method is available through search engines and implies displaying your ads to people who are actually interested in your product or service.

However, building and managing such a campaign can be very overwhelming. Even a seasoned professional may encounter difficulties, not to mention about the newbies. The best part is that PPC marketing is very tactical. If you manage to identify your potential customers’ needs, drawing some audience becomes piece of cake. Make sure you understand the basics of this technique though.

Schedule everything

Schedule your ads according to your audience. Fortunately, most PPC providers give you the possibility to choose the times of the day for your ads to be displayed. You may also choose particular days. Scheduling can be done by analyzing your statistics. Try to identify the conversion levels and the times of the day with most visitors. For instance, if you run a local business, it might be a good idea to schedule your ads during daytime only. On the other hand, an international store is supposed to be advertised for round the clock.

Get a bulk editor

Making a few insignificant changes to customize your ads every once in a while should not take more than just a few minutes. Most programs give you access to free tools. However, a more sophisticated campaign is definitely harder to manage. A bulk editor can ensure a fast and effective process. For instance, you may deal with dozens of keywords at the same time, but you can also change hundreds of landing URLs. The tool is a very good addition to such a campaign, since it can save a lot of time.

Implement dynamic keywords

Dynamic keywords may seem cheating at the first view. If you never had to deal with such things, the implementation is very simple, as well as the operating principle. You are supposed to choose a few different keywords. When a particular user searches for some of them, they will revert to the precise searching syntax in your ad. In other words, it looks like the user has found exactly what he was looking for. This method is excellent to draw more potential customers and improve your conversion rate.

Invest responsibly

Think about how much you plan to invest upfront. The best part about PPC campaigns is the possibility to set up a superior margin. Since you are charged for the directed users only, you must decide on a maximum limit to spend. Whenever you reach that limit, your ad will stop being displayed. Some marketers imagine that reaching to a limit is very hard, so they set up unrealistic margins. In the end, the financial risks you take are not worth the potential income. Do not just pull this value randomly. It must be picked according to the value of your potential customers. A solid rule implies spending not more than 40% of a customer’s value for your business.