5 Major Reasons behind your Social Media failure

Social Media failureSocial Media has contributed a lot to the marketing arena and a lot of businesses have been profited by it. Although, Social Media polishes the image and personality of a company, it destroys some business entities too, since it has emerged out to be a very powerful tool. From wrong strategies, to lack of consistency there are several reasons why some businesses fail to achieve the desired success with the social media. Some of the reasons we have pinned down are as follows:

1. Wrong Strategy

A wrong Social media marketing strategy contributes largely to the failure of a business entity. For the ultimate success of a company, the right strategies lay an important base and are big determinants for its success. Like car driving, one must know when to put the accelerator up and when to cal down the speed of the car, the same way businesses should assess the environment carefully and make calculated moves according to the needs of the business. The wrong strategy also includes the wrong selection of targeted audience. A poor strategy dictates the failure of a company on a large basis.

2. No Monitoring of Traffic

This is the major reason why businesses lag behind in the race of Social Media marketing. Most of the businesses are unaware of the traffic achieved by their business page and hence they are not able to measure the potential customers they need to target. Once, a proper information about the people visiting the business page is known, it becomes easy for the business to formulate its strategy regarding the social media and introspect the strategies already in use.

3. Lack of Consistency

This determines the success of a social media campaign of a business to a great extent. If a business is passive in is social media operations, the probability of generating fans becomes very less. A successful business has to login at least 4 times a day into their account and keep their updates and feeds to the current day. Customers like to get the extra value along with the value of the product, so it becomes important for the businesses to be active on the social media and create a useful communication with the potential customers.

4. Joining the Social Media because of the hype created

Some businesses join the Social Media following the crowd going in that direction. A purposeless existence on the Social media caters to ill effects. Following the bandwagon prevents the businesses to choose the right social media platform and if the right platform is not chosen, there is a minute possibility of the business to succeed.

4. Out of the world expectations

While entering the social media for marketing purpose, businesses sometimes elevate their expectations upto a vertical height which is actually unrealistic in nature. If a business is not in terms with the reality and the current trends, its likely to fail in its social media operations.

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