5 Powerful Blogging Tools That You Should Use

powerful blogging toolsCreating a blog is not at all an easy task. You need to put a lot of effort to create a blog.  The foremost thing to create a blog is selection of suitable blogging tool. There are many online blogging tools, some of them are free and some of them are hosted blogging tools, which can be used for creating blogs. These tools are quite effective way of creating the blog. In this article I have listed five best blogging tools that can help newbie bloggers to create successful blogs.

Offline Desktop Blog Editor Tool

There are many online desktop blogging tools editor that supports several types of blogging systems. These tools have many other application like spell check, draft saving, creating links etc. which can help you to create blog by yourself. With the help of this tool, you can easily create your own blog without being online.

Free Blogging Tool

There are many free desktop blogging tools, by which you can effectively create your own blog. These tools are easily compatible in Vista or windows. Here, you have to create your blog via online. The best part of these free online blog creator is that you can add plug-ins and you can easily integrate with WordPress and social networking sites like Facebook. So, it will also help in promotion of your blog.

Hosted Blogging Tool

Hosted blogging tools are capable of hosting number of blogs at once. One blog owner can host number of host together in hosted blogging tools. The best part of this hosted blog service is that the owner of the website can control and manage their own blogs. Moreover, the hosted blog also allow transfer links, images and content in a quite smooth manner.

Use Ping Tool

Many of us are not aware of pinging tool. Being a new blogger, pinging tool can help you to promote your blog. With the help of pinging tool, you can automatically inform Google about the update in your blog. So, using pinging tool it becomes quite easier for you to inform the search engines that you have added something new to your blog.

Use Powerful Plug-in

Using powerful plug-in is really very useful for blogs. Plug-ins like WordPress, allow relevant and popular post for your blog and hence you can easily make your blog popular in a very short duration of time. Plug-in helps the visitors to know about the popular post on your blog and hence huge traffic visit to your blog every day. Moreover, plug-ins makes your blog interactive with the help of various types of social networking sites like Facebook, which again enhances the traffic for your blog.

The five blog tools mentioned in the article are really very much effective for creating a blog. Beginners will really be benefited with these tools and hence can make successful blog for them. So, if you are beginner in the field of blog, you can follow take help of these tools to create blog and make a platform to earn money from your blog.

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