10 Useful Ideas for Social Media Success

Welcome back to EarningDiary. For last few years Social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, google plus has played an important role in business success.Are you managing a business? If you are, find out how… Your company can benefit from social media It lets you come up with interesting and dynamic content and preview into … Read more

Referrals on Social Media

One of the biggest reasons why anyone who owns a business would want to get into social media as much as possible is because of the potential for their products and services to go viral. What this means precisely is that more and more Internet users click, read, watch or consume whatever the content is … Read more

5 Top Ways to Promote Your Website through Social Media

Google has made it clear it’s not enough to write great content, get back links, and invest time guest posting in order to gain authority for your website anymore—now they’re saying it also takes a presence in social media. Making your presence known on the big social networks is not only good for page results, … Read more

How Google Might Rank User Generated Web Content in Google+ and Other Social Networks

Before the advent of social networking sites, most web pages contained content generated by a dedicated team. However, user-generated content is king in today’s market, which is great news for site owners who want to create a more dominant presence without too much outlay on their part. This presents a problem for search engines, because … Read more

How Obama Uses Google Plus to Expand Social Media Presence

The significance of social networking websites can be identified by the fact that Barack Obama is also the one who needs a social media website to market his presidency along with communicating with his potential voters. This is how viral marketing has come into effect. We all know that Facebook and MySpace have been marketing … Read more