Some Factors Impacting Conversion of SEO Traffic

It is mandatory to enjoy a solid online presence if you wish to forge ahead of the competition. The most effective SEO campaigns also cannot assure you a boost in revenue. The fact remains, that SEO campaigns would be drawing a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. However, there is no certainty that this traffic actually would lead to conversions.Conversion of SEO Traffic

Website conversion is a vital factor in gauging the success of your advertising and marketing efforts. Understanding conversion starts with comprehending the various factors that affect it. Only when you are able to fully understand exactly how different elements of your social media marketing strategy could lower or raise your conversion rate, then you could precisely gauge its success.

List Of Key Factors That Affect Conversion Rates

Volume: You must remember that traffic volume could make a big difference in the way conversion is perceived. A high conversion rate may not always imply more leads. Remember to include in your digital strategy, effective tactics for driving more relevant traffic directly to your website. You must make it a point to evaluate, as well as, optimize all your social media engagement, paid search campaigns, content distribution and SEO on your website.

Content: What exactly is your message? Remember that two different messages would culminate in literally two different measurements. High volume messages would be getting high volume traffic. However, this does not essentially mean high conversion rates. You must test your messaging. Different clients would be responding to different messaging. Keep on monitoring and optimizing your campaigns in order to determine what would work best. You must try evaluating and adjusting accordingly. Get in touch with a company providing assistance in social media marketing Mumbai.

Location: It is crucial to understand exactly where your clients are coming from and you must target them specifically. The physical location of a dealership would be affecting conversion. In this context, you must realize that a rural dealership would be visualizing low traffic volume but little bit higher conversion rates as compared to an urban dealer. Dealers who implement Pay per Click and SEO campaigns could be gaining a much broader reach and experiencing a boost in site traffic. But as you start attracting more clients from far off places, this traffic would in all probability show a relatively lower conversion rate.

It is a good idea to boost the reach of all your paid search campaigns simply by expanding your precise target area. You could observe a slight dip in your conversion rate as this is not really your primary market. However, you would be drawing more traffic to your specific website. You must assess and examine how these campaigns are performing and accordingly adjust your strategy.

Template VS. Custom Solution

Effective marketing assists you in standing out from the rest. However, you should ensure that you are not going too far away from your visitors as they would be losing track of you. A custom website would be effective in certain circumstances. However, mostly custom is not proven and is based mainly on individual preferences and not really on usability data. Templates are known to incorporate some proven tactics that are based on consumer behavior evaluation of years and are known to perform much better in comparison to a custom solution. You would be relying on actual data for creating a web page that would be generating leads.


Your conversion rate is directly or indirectly affected by almost all your actions. Some of these work wonders, while others have just the opposite effect. It is vital that you understand how each of these pieces fits into the bigger picture, and how you can optimize it best to get the most out of your strategy. One last thing you must remember at all times is to never rely entirely on a single metric. It is better to analyze in terms of short and long-term goals rather than any one particular statistic which is or isn’t doing well for you.