Top 10 Tricks To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Blogs thrive on traffic and driving traffic to your site is as much a science as it is an art. Here are 5 amazing ways you can drive more people to your blog.Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

  1. Share On Social Media

Social media is the ultimate way to boost sales for almost anything you want online. The world has become increasingly social over the past ten years and this means no serious business can stay off sites like Instagram or Facebook. All of them won’t be appropriate for your type of business, of course, but you have to sign up for the ones where you know your target audience is.

Share interesting stuff from your business daily or about as frequently as you can and always leave a link on the description for your blog or posts. If you’ve caught their attention with your content, you can drive the engagement all the way to the checkout on your site.

  1. Analyze Your Headlines

Headlines are really important since they are probably the first thing most people see. Even Google’s own algorithm puts a lot of boot-power into understanding your titles and headlines. Pick them carefully and draw attention from the crowd effectively by mastering this art.

  1. Use Professional Blog Design

If you’ve spent some time wondering how to get the most out of your blog, perhaps hiring a professional is best for you. This could be because you lack the time or skills to deliver an effective website quickly. So, sign off on that email to the web design agency in Syracuse and get them working with you to boost your business.

  1. Write Regularly

Every once in awhile you may post an article that creates a debate and gets a lot of attention from the internet. The only way you can benefit from this is if you maintain that level of attention, something we in the business like to call ‘retention’. Start off by writing short and informative pieces and keep the articles coming regularly to develop a genuine network of followers online. Stay ahead of all the news and keep the content fresh if you want them coming back for more or even sharing your blog with their friends.

  1. Add Video & Images

Nothing makes content come alive like pictures and videos. You want to post stuff that is both fun to read and informative enough to help the visitor. Videos will help explain things you couldn’t possibly put down into words and images will help keep the visitors engaged as they read through your content. Use it to good effect and you’ll get the right sort of message across to anyone who pays attention.

  1. Video Optimization

Pixel for pixel nothing gives your site more value than a rich and engaging video. You want to be able to post something that is high quality and related to your field to keep your visitors interested. Also, if you pick the world’s most famous video site YouTube, you are likely to get a lot more hits than uploading anywhere else. This improves your Google search rank as well.

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  1. Rich Snippets And Structured Data

Rich data that has been structured well drives a lot of traffic to the site since people can actually use the data. So if you have a sun video gallery or interactive infographic that you can use to get people coming back, try it out on the site. Make sure the stuff is well designed and captures attention instantly.

  1. Facebook Remarketing

This is a little known trick to get a lot more traffic to your site over the long haul. You want to start by remarketing all your content to the people most likely to visit your site and subscribe. All you need is a way to track people who come onto your site and follow them to their Facebook. There is software that will allow you to insert a minor pixel in the page you use and this will let you track visitors. The best part- you can start remarketing to an audience of as little as 100 people. Another way you can use Facebook is by getting the email IDs that are attached to the site and its users that have visited your page. This will allow you to set an email alert to people who subscribe to your list anyway.

  1. Build a List Of People You Can Target

Once you have someone interested, you can really hook them onto your site in a few ways. Start by making your content undeniably useful and then market as much as you can on social media. If you have an email list with people’s emails, set a regular newsletter for them to be able to follow you. In fact, Twitter will even let you remarket to people who are likely to visit your page and find something useful. The tools let you remarket to people on Twitter and Facebook, which can add a social dimension to your online marketing plan.

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  1. Share With Everyone

Share and share more is the motto of the internet since its inception and you won’t get very far if you can’t get people sharing your content. The best way to do this is to hook up with another blog that will exchange the posts with your site and exchange traffic in a very impressive and organic way. Another way to get your content shared is by spending a lot of time on the titles of your articles. The articles is absolutely crucial when you are on the hunt for eyeballs online, so a great article headline will get shared while one that has a less satisfactory one will be completely ignored.

Mastering online marketing comes down to the passion and quality of your content. If you have something to say and people willing to listen, you’ll drive traffic to your site. But keeping them there is a trick you have to learn if you want to be successful online.

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