Must Know SEO Tips for Small Business Online Marketing Success

must know seo tipsBusinesses, and especially small businesses, should give SEO priority when building their websites. This is necessary because SEO is the lifeline of traffic to these websites. Read on to learn what small businesses can do to make their websites friendlier to the major search engines.

Turn Everything into Different Types of Content

While content is still king, it is helpful to remember that only useful and real content counts. This means the more content you have on your site; the easier it will be for searchers to find. For greater effectiveness, you should have your content in different formats. You can have video, audio, pictures, infographics and text content. This content can be sourced from different places. For example, you can record product discussions or even seminar speeches on video, and use customers’ queries to make a FAQ page for your site.

Target Your Content to Human Readers

While generating content, remember it is the real human beings that matter, and not the search engines. If you are targeting the search engines, you will be letting your potential customers down. Remember, most of the content aimed for search engines is not well created, so your readers will quickly sniff your site out for its low quality, and they won’t link to it. You don’t want to lose customers that way.

Optimize the Structures of Your Pages

The basic structure of a website can be optimized for SEO. To do this, you need to ensure that each page can be identified by a unique URL that contains a keyword, and there should also be a brief title to describe what the page contains. It also helps to have some sort of image attribute tags for graphics on each page, and the attributes should use relevant keywords to describe the images contained in the graphics.

Social Media Integration

With the huge and still growing importance of social media, you can only ignore it at your own peril. Social media tools are useful for generating traffic to your site. In fact, there are SEO agencies that have recognized the relevance of social media SEO and have specialized in it. Integrating social media tools in your website will increase your chances of getting followers, so you should not ignore Google+, Twitter and other social media sites.

Create Internal Links

Linking has always been recognized as a major SEO tool, but most people focus on external linkages at the expense of internal ones. Creating interconnectivity between your web pages is only natural because it will help your readers to navigate these pages. This will ensure that your potential customers are able to visit all your pages and can increase traffic to your site as well. As a result, your site’s domain authority will increase and the search engines will recognize and reward your efforts too.

These are some of the things you should do to optimize your website without breaking any rules. If your site is not set up like this, then you are not getting the traffic you should be getting. In that case, you need to redesign your web pages so that they are optimized for SEO.

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Kathryn Zellers is a website consultant who works with small business owners. In her spare time she enjoys blogging, sharing her tips on a range of small business blogs and websites. Visit Web Eden for your web design needs.