7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Domain Name

Buying a Domain NameDo you want to select the best of domains in order to carve a niche for your website? If yes, then you are at the right platform. After all, nothing matters more than being a proud owner of short, simple and catchy domain which can just gather increasing craze among one and all. The following article assists you with some of the coveted tips to look out for, at the time of buying a priceless domain:-

  1. Keep the domain simple

A domain which is devoid of homophones, numbers and double letters is regarded to be the best, since it is easy to memorize. It helps towards enhancing the recognition of the brand. After all, it is easier to recall a straightforward and interesting domain which speaks volumes about itself.

  1. Do not use digit numerals or numbers

If the domain has “for” or “to”, then it is advisable not use “4” or “2”. It can be better understood with the help of an example, like if you are using dan2live.com, it will only make others harder to remember such complicated domain.

  1. Never tell others to purchase the domain

If some one else has bought the domain for you, then there is an increasing chance that the other person might also expect you to pay hefty amount of money for transferring the domain on your name in future as it gains popularity. Hence, you need to buy for yourself in order to get away from any sort of issues and problems later on.

  1. Domain should be self explanatory

Pronouncing a domain does not require you to explain and it can only be possible if its spelling is short and simple. Hence, it will be a child’s play for people to remember and it equally saves you from the inconvenience of explaining it.

  1. Don’t waste your precious time in buying a domain

The moment you come across with a good name of the domain, there is an increasing possibility that some one else might also be planning to buy the same one. Hence, without wasting any time, grab the domain, before you end up regretting for your decision.

  1. Avoid copyright infringement

You should not use the brand related keywords such as “facebookhelper.com” as well as “microsoftproductsreview.com”. There has been various recent cases where Facebook is indeed suing those companies which are using the name “face book” in their domain name. For more clarity, you can visit the website “copyright.gov”. It will let u know whether you are infringing any one’s copyright or not.

  1. Get in touch with a reliable domain registrar

It is important for you to take the services from an esteemed domain name registrar. It is done, so that you do not have to face any sort of issues or problems. It is recommended that you should get services from authenticated companies such as “godaddy.com” or “networksolutions.com” etc.


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