What Concise Technologies Do

Concise Technologies Concise Technologies was established over 20 years ago, in the UK. They started out providing basic IT support to firms who ran their own servers and networks.

Naturally, they started small with only a few local customers. However, over the years they have grown to provide support across a huge range of IT systems including telecommunications systems. They now have a wide customer base made up of a range of firms and organisations across a range of sectors. The service they offer is tailored to meet the needs of each client and they work with a firms across the board of all types and sizes.

Their Core Service

At the centre of the service, that they offer is still IT support. They offer several support services. Most firms look for an IT support provider who will help them to get their systems up and running again should their suffer a system failure. However, the team at Concise Technologies encourages firms to take a more proactive approach and contract them to provide system security, backup and maintenance services as well as basic support services.

This proactive approach ensures that system failures rarely occur. However, should they occur firms can be got up and running again within hours rather than days.

Additional Services

As well as offering these core services Concise Technologies offers a range of additional IT services. Their years of experience mean that they have the expertise to know which IT systems work best for which situations. Over the years, they have worked with firms from a range of sectors. As a result, they offer a full IT consultation service. This includes advising firms on which technologies work well together, how best to implement new systems and the offer of help with training staff. Their team will install hardware including network cables as well as providing support once a system is up and running.

Telecommunications Support

Unlike some other IT support firms Concise Technologies can also provide help with telecommunications. They know that even in the modern world one of the most efficient ways to communicate is by voice. As a result, they provide a range of business telephone systems. This includes on-site phone systems as well as mobile data and voice solutions.

Why Use Concise Technologies

There are a number of reasons to use Concise Technologies. Firstly, the breadth and depth of their experience gives them the edge over many others who operate in the field.

The fact that their team is made up of over 40 people is a big plus. It means that they can provide genuine 24/7 support including onsite support. Each member of the team is trained in several disciplines to ensure that coverage is genuinely robust.

The firm holds several accreditations and is a recommended partner for several major IT providers including Microsoft, O2, Hewlett Packard, VMware, Mitel and Orange. They regularly update their training and add new technologies to their portfolio. This means that they can look after all kinds of firms and help them to grow by taking advantage of new IT systems as they become available.