R-Drive Image Review: Clone your Hard Drive

R-Drive Image ReviewIt’s always better to have a program that’s just superb at doing one task rather than one doing a lot of things in a mediocre manner. What will you do if your hard drive crashes? Surely, you will cry out loud because it might have your important files that might not have been kept safe at some cloud location or external drive. But if you have created a clone of your hard drive using R-Drive Image, you will be able to recover all the data.

R-Drive Image does everything related to imaging disks and other related tasks, leaving file-based backup, syncing, etc. to the competition. R-Drive Image creates image files of individual partitions and disks. It creates a bit-by-bit copy of the contents of your drive, including the layout and boot sectors, everything written to one handy container file that is easy to store and archive. Images can be used to recover your crashed system to a point in the past, so you can get back to work more quickly. Let’s learn more about this tool.

About R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image is a renowned potent utility providing disk image files creation for duplication or backup purposes. A disk image file will contain an exact byte-by-byte copy of the hard drive, logical disk, or partition and can be created with different compression levels on the fly without interrupting/stopping the Windows operating system.R-Drive Review

Using this software, you can completely and rapidly restore your system after heavy data loss due to an operating system crash, hardware failure, or virus attack. It is one of the best backups and disaster recovery solutions available to prevent loss of data after a fatal failure. Apart from this, it offers a lot of valuable features:

Advanced Drive Imaging

It creates images on-the-fly without the need of restarting Windows. The image files can be easily written to any storage places including removable and network drives. Data on such files can be compressed, commented, password-protected, or split into several files. It makes use of volume snapshots to create consistent point-in-time disk images.R-Drive Image Features

Advanced Image Restoration

The software restores images onto their original disks on the fly. Partition management can also be performed during image restorations – previous partitions can be deleted, new ones can be created and the partition to be restored can also be resized. The R-Drive image can be booted into the startup version directly from Windows or via a separate startup USB pen drive to restore the system and other locked partitions.

Disk to Disk Copy

This software can also clone disks. Not only hard drives, but it can also copy the data from one or several partitions on a hard drive to another hard drive. The best part is that partitions can be shrunk/expand to match the size of the new HDD drive.


Most disk backup tasks can be easily scheduled to run unattended at a given point in time. For example – you can run the R-Drive image tool to automatically back up the corporate server during the off hours. It can send action reports via email or external programs.R-Drive Image

Unattended Access and Scripts

The complex scripts can be easily created for frequently repeated unattended disk actions. Those scripts can directly get executed from the command line or included in the command files. Scripting is supported for creating a new image file, restoring data, appending data, connecting/disconnecting images as virtual logical disks.

Supports Wide Range of File System

R-Drive Image can resize FAT, NTFS and HFS/HFS+ partitions. It supports FAT/exFAT, NTFS, ReFS / ReFS2+ (Resilient File System, Windows 2012/2016 Server), HFS/HFS+/APFS, Little- and Big-Endian variants of UFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris), and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux).

R-Drive Image has much more to offer than this. Let’s look at its pricing.


It is available for free for 30 days trial. After that, you can to upgrade to a premium version. The priciung will vary based on the number of licenses you choose and the plan you select.R-Drive Image Price List

The Bottom Line

R-Drive Image is an excellent comprehensive disk imaging software for your office and home preventing big losses at time of system crash or failure due to multiple reasons. You can close your partitions, entire disk using this stunning software. Go for its free trial and see if it is worth installing.