10 Incredible iPhone Features You May Not Know About

As a brand, Apple has always been acclaimed for giving better than the best to the users. The premium devices are loved all over the world, and buyers are willing to shell hefty amounts only to experience the amazing features they have to offer. If you have ever used an iPhone, you will probably never want to switch back to another mobile device. These devices have bundle up high quality with great features and applications that promise entertainment and utility like no other smartphone. Increadible iphone features

The best part is that the excitement doesn’t end because the brand keeps improving and bringing more. You have something new to discover about the device more often than not, and there is always something around the corner from the brand. However, most iPhone users only stick to the basics and end up missing out on the range of features and functionalities that the device has. Here are the most incredible iPhone features that an average user may not know about.

Turn off music using a timer

If you are a music lover who wants to listen to your favorite tracks while commuting or at bedtime, Apple has excellent functionality for you. With an iPhone, you can set a timer for turning off the music at a specific time without having to do anything manually. Even if you go to sleep with a playlist on, your phone will not end up draining its battery by playing songs all night long. The timer app lets you stop the music just at the right time, even without having to wake up.

Read your emails aloud

Surprisingly, your iPhone can be as good as an office assistant and can read out your emails aloud for you. It is a great feature to have if you don’t want to miss out on important emails while driving or doing something else. All you need to do is instruct Apple Siri to do it for you. The smart assistant is capable of following orders and can even be instructed to pick and read the most recent emails only.

Undo with a simple shake

For someone who uses mobile devices for work, typing errors and edits are a big concern. Since you have a small screen to work on, they are likely to happen more often than not. Fortunately, Apple takes the issue seriously and equips its smartphones with a special feature to address it. You only have to shake it a bit to undo the action and start with a clean slate. There couldn’t be an easier way to correct the errors.

Take pictures with volume buttons

Another cool functionality that you may be missing out on is the ability to use the volume buttons for clicking pictures with your iPhone. If you love to capture shots or are an avid selfie lover, you will probably know that sometimes using the touch capture button for taking snaps can get hard. For example, you wouldn’t be able to do it when wearing gloves. Thankfully, you can do it by simply pressing the volume buttons on your iPhone.

Screen mirroring

One of the coolest iPhone features is screen mirroring, which lets you connect the device to a TV and share the screen of the phone there. Although it may sound complex, you need not be a tech genius to do it. Just check https://setapp.com/how-to/screen-mirroring-iphone-to-tv to see the simple step. So the next time you want your colleagues to see a screen at work or you have something cool to stream at a party, just use screen mirroring, and you are good to go.

Know your flights

An iPhone is a great device for frequent travelers, and you may be surprised to discover the lesser-known functionalities it delivers. The device gives you all the information you need about flights operating at your destination. You only have to ask about the ones flying overhead, and it will provide a real-time list right away. Your smartphone couldn’t get smarter than this!

Play airplane games

iPhone is a gamers’ favorite for some good reasons. A cool feature that gamers love about Apple phones is that you can use one to play airplane games. The next time you want to enjoy the thrill of high flying, you can simply turn on an airplane game and experience the speed and excitement right on your device screen.

Blocking ads in games

These devices are known for incredible gaming experiences, but they go beyond just letting you enjoy your favorite games. You can even block the annoying ads that appear while you play and break your rhythm. There isn’t much that you will need to do for blocking or disabling ads. You only have to put the device into Aeroplane mode, and you can have uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Create custom vibrations

While smartphones use standard vibration pulses for text messages, you can easily go custom and create vibration patterns of your choice with an iPhone. Reach Sounds in the Settings app and pick an alert type from the Sounds and Vibrations list. You can record and save a vibration pattern you want to use and set it up for your text messages. You can even have custom vibrations for each of the contacts in the phonebook.

Get light flashes for alerts

Apart from setting custom vibrations for different actions, you can also have LED flashes for alerts. These are hard to miss, so they work well when you want to be alerted about a notification at the earliest, even when the device is in a silent mode. There wouldn’t be ringing and vibrating disturbances, but you will still know that something important is up on the phone.

An iPhone experience is exceptional in itself, and these cool features can take it a notch higher. If you explore your device more, you will probably find more than these functionalities to ramp up your experience for the better. You can even ask fellow users about the ones they may have discovered. Just go ahead and know your Apple phone better!