Benefits of Mobile Invoicing in the Interconnected World

The Mobile Market

In the 21st century, the mobile market is currently dominating the PC market. The latest statistics show that mobile usage in the U.S. is significantly higher than the usage for desktop computers and laptops. More and more consumers are relying on handheld computers, such as smartphones and tablets, to search the web, use social media, listen to music, watch movies and make purchases. Companies are recognizing that one of the best ways to reach their customers is through mobile media. Statistics show that the majority of today’s consumers research companies through mobile devices, which is why it is imperative for businesses to optimize their websites for mobile usage.

Mobile Apps are Overtaking the Digital World

benefits of mobile invoicingConsumers are now spending more time using mobile apps than surfing the web. As of to date, Apple’s App Store has reach approximately 1.2 billion applications. According to Statista, more than 100 billion apps were downloaded as of June 2015, and the market for mobile apps is expected to substantially grow by 2017.

The New Trend to Mobile Invoicing

Most consumer-based companies rely heavily on invoicing and payments for the survival of their businesses. Having a secure method to send notices to customers and receive payments is important for a company to operate and remain competitive in today’s economy. Mobile invoicing is an innovative method that provides businesses with a convenient and secure way to create professional invoices from any location. The process cuts down on the time it takes to prepare invoices and send them out. By utilizing mobile apps, businesses are able to keep track of their financial records and ensure every detail is accurate. Rather than keeping a paper trail of invoices, companies will not risk the possibility of misplacing clients’ data.

Mobile Invoicing Apps Include Innovative Features

Mobile invoicing enables businesses to quickly send out invoices, monitor expenses and generate receipts from any handheld device. Transactions from customers’ accounts are securely downloaded, and there is no cap on the number of invoices that can be created. You can learn more about the convenient uses of invoicing by researching top companies in the market, such as Street Invoice,