How To Finance Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Inpatient rehab is expensive, but when it comes down to it, there’s often no way around it – either you get the treatment you need or the state of your finances won’t matter much. If you feel you can’t afford such treatment, make sure to first consider all of your financial options. Inpatient rehabilitation care is the most effective approach to addiction recovery and can also be the most beneficial treatment for eating disorders and other psychiatric problems.Finance Inpatient Rehab TreatmentUsing Insurance


Though not all inpatient treatment options will be covered by insurance, if you have health coverage you should turn their first for financial coverage. This can be complicated as you may need to go through several prior rounds of unsuccessful treatment to qualify for inpatient care, your preferred care location may not accept insurance, or you may need to disclose information about your health issues to your employer in order to remain on their insurance for an extended period. Insurance is your first line of defense against the expense of inpatient care, but it isn’t always an option.

Look For Scholarship

This may come as a surprise, but there are scholarships available for rehab programs. Scholarships may even cover the entire cost of attendance, but they can be hard to access if you have any financial resources. Typically scholarships are only available to those who have no other way to get inpatient care. However, if you’re struggling to get your finances in order, always ask about scholarships.

Seek Community Help

Addiction problems have a huge impact on your family, friends, and community. The people in your life see you suffering and as any twelve step program will explain, your behaviors in the midst of addiction harm others. For this reason, people centrally involved in your life, especially family and old friends, may be willing to help you pay for a rehab program. Ask friends and family if they might help you set up a fund and commit to repaying them when you get out. This commitment is important as it encourages you to be accountable to your community as you set your affairs back in order.

Offload Assets

Do you own a car that could put a big dent in your rehab costs? What about sporting equipment or anything else of significant value? Selling your assets can be a good way to start paying for a rehab stay. You won’t be driving during your time in rehab or hanging out on the golf course (unless this is celebrity rehab), so put your possessions to good use. Your well being is worth more than the contents of your closet.

Don’t let financial pressures keep you from attending a rehab program that you need. It’s very important to attend a program that best fits with your needs in order to attain long term recovery. Luckily there are many routes to the same goal, and at the end is a healthier, happier you waiting.