Learn How To Make Money By Listening To Music

make money by listening to musicAre you a music lover? Are you want to make money online just by listening to some cool music? If your answer is yes then there is a great site for you where you can do this. The site is slicethepie.com. It is the place where music bands are reviewed by music lovers from around the world. Your job is rating and commenting songs. You will be paid in British pounds. How much you will be paid is depend on your comments. It is between 0.05-10 cents.The great thing about make money from slicepie is that it is very enjoyable process. Some more facts about slicethepie.

Are there any minimum payout?
Yes,minimum payout is 5 pounds.it is easy to get. Even you can collect your first payment within one day.

How do we get paid?
They paid via paypal.So you are from a paypal supported country to get paid by them.

How to earn more from slicethepie?
Write constructive reviews.Over 100 characters.
Be more active.
By investing in some good bands.

How much we can make money from our referral?
Sorry,the site has not a referral system. So,you can only earn by yourself.

This site is for everyone. Whether you are an artist,investor,music fan or trader.So don’t be late. Click here for signup. This site has already paid me twice.So now it is your turn.Happy earning.