How To Start a Site Like Earningdiary dot com

how to start a new  make money blogWelcome back to EarningDiary. This article is for those who want to start their first money making website. The easy four steps to start your first make money site is mentioned below. This is so simple.Here is the details-

1.Domain name:-This is the name of your site.But now a days it is difficult to find a good domain name.Because all good or single word domain names are already taken.If it is possible then buy a old domain name.It is useful for various reasons.Later I will write another article where I will describe the importance of an old domain name.Several domain names extensions are are available now a days.But the most popular extension is dot com.So first always try to find a domain name with dot com extension.The next question is from where you buy a domain name? is the most popular company to buy a domain name.They also provide some very good offers when you buy a complete package.

If you are from India, then you can buy Domain from BigRock and can use coupon code to save up to 30% on your  bill.

2.Hosting-This is second important part to start your new site.Always take some care before choosing your hosting company.Search google or visit forum to know more about the hosting company.Don’t forget to read some reviews about the hosting company.When you choose a hosting company the following four issues are most important-reliability, speed, support and competency.I recommended you to use HostGator.It has already hosted over 2.5 million websites. Every hosting plan in HostGator comes with 45 day money back guarantee.

3.Design– There are two ways to design a site-you can hire a web designer or you can buy a pre design template. If you hire a web designer it may be highly expensive.So it is always better to buy a pre design template. You can go to woothemes and can buy a premium wordpress theme(if you are using WordPress as your platform).

4.Monetizing your website– This is the most important part which helps you make money from your is like a diversified portfolio-low risk,high return.If one fails others help to keep you going.I suggest to use

35% Private Ads
30% Affilate Sales
30% Google Adsense
5% Sponsored Reviews.

Now your site is ready.Promote your site to digg, google directory, stumbleupon, reddit etc.

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