Kontera Out,Infolinks In

I am using Kontera in my blog from starting. But yesterday I shocked when I read in google that kontera sucks money. If anyone makes less than 5$ per month with kontera then they take your money. My blog is very new just 20 days old. So I not able to make more than $5 per month. So I want to remove kontera from my blog. So, I plan to use another in text based ad network named infolinks in my blog from today.It is much better than kontera to make money online for a new blog like EarningDiary. If you have heard the term infolink for the first time and want to know more about infolinks, just wait I will tell you.

What is infolinks?

Infolinks is in text based ads make money program like adsense or adbrite.It inserts text link advertisements within the content of your website or blog.

What is the minimum payout?
The minimum payout is $100.Same as Google adsense.

When do you get paid?
Every month. In details,at the end of each monthly payment period, Infolinks calculates your earnings for that month and issues your payment within 45 days of the end of the payment period, with the exception of monthly earnings of less than $100 which remain in your account and are added into the following month’s earnings.

How do you get paid from infolinks?
Infolinks supports both paypal and bankwire.

One more advantage of using infolinks instead of kontera is that your page load speed will be improved by 25%.So what are you waiting for? Join infolinks for FREE and Make money easily.

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