Harbor City Capital Reviews How COVID-19 Impacting Investor’s Retirement Funds, Futures

As the world continues to mitigate the effects of coronavirus and fears of a second resurgence is at the top of investor’s minds, the financial markets are in a constant state of flux.  With the markets in see-saw mode since the start of the health pandemic and daily headlines about the viruses’ future rapidly changing, it leaves nervous investors wondering what to do next.Covid 19 Impact

Even though times are uncertain, now is not the time to panic. Historically, smart investors do not move with the herds,” says financial planner Michelle Perry Higgins.

Roger Ma, a certified financial planner, agrees. “Keep focused not on external events but your financial goals and when you need to accomplish them,” he says.“That will ultimately influence what you should be investing in and what changes, if any, you should be making as a result of the recent events.”

Questioning if and when there is an end in sight to all the recent market turmoil,  JP Maroney, CEO of Harbor City Capital adds, “The American people and business owners are so vulnerable to this.  I don’t think anyone knows where this bottom is right now.”

Harbor City Capital is an alternative investment firm that helps clients grow their money by investing in private equity, venture and growth capital and in its own companies.  Maroney says tough times never last but tough people always do.

“Right now it’s a matter of maybe if you’ve got cash you can offset it while you wait for this to recover at some point or you may have to make tough decisions right now, he explains.

To make these volatile times a bit easier to understand, Harbor City Capital reviews what investors from age 20 to retirement age can do in light of recent events.

If You Are Getting Ready For Retirement…

“If you are right now in or near retirement and you depend on the income from your investments, this has got to be scary,” says JP Maroney.

If this situation turns out to be a prolonged slow down in the market, you may have to make some painful trades right now.  However, if you have extra cash sitting on the sideline – you may want to consider investing in some alternatives, such as Harbor City bonds.  Harbor City Capital reviews its HCCF-4 Bond, a cash-backed secured bank instrument, which Maroney says provides investors a safe way to earn an annual yield.

Should millennials be concerned?

If you’re younger with a 401K it’s a different mindset.  “I would be less concerned about the immediacy of this issue.  I think that everyone still needs to try to educate themselves. We are living through something historic.  If you are younger and have some time on your side then that can definitely play into your favor,” suggests JP Maroney of Harbor City Capital.

Steps investors can take to protect their nest egg

“Unfortunately, people usually buy at the wrong time and sell at the wrong time,” says Maroney.

That’s why professional finance experts suggest investors determine what their goal is, when they want to achieve it and focus instead on making changes to areas that they can control, such as how long they work and how much they spend and manage other big assets, like their home.  Also, avoid making big, bold investment decisions before fully thinking them through.

A good rule of thumb: look to other strategies outside your investment portfolio that can help extend how long your assets last in your golden years.

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  1. Traditionally –even in a bear market –there is no need to panic. Stay calm, don’t pull out or move funds unless completely necessary (like you are AT retirement age)

  2. Don’t agree to the above comment. No way i’m risking my life savings in this crazy market. Until we get this pandemic under control here in the US, i’m investing in alternatives.

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