Well, we think that Bannerghatta road has always been a good place where one can invest and the goodness of the area can probably not be questioned.

Now, for those of you who aren’t aware of what we are talking about and what exactly is Bannerghatta road apart from being a road, please give us the honors of explaining it to you.


So Bannerghatta road is a highway that connects the city of Bangalore to its neighbors which are Bannerghatta, Ankeli etc. now this road has always been in the good books of the real estate investors as this is one place which has always been a good place to live in as it is a highway and also has all the necessary places nearby it.

But the question here is, what has made the road come into the limelight again and now so many people are referring it to as the hottest property that one can invest in, in the city of Bangalore.

So let us break the news to you. What has happened is, recently, the government of Karnataka has decided to widen the Bannerghatta road a lot more than that proposed to the government in a hope to make this area better. Now what is going to happen is that this road due to the widening is going to become a lot more accessible to the people making it even popular.

The road widening is still to be done so we suggest that buy a property here only after the widening work is complete as a lot of area and properties will be going in for widening the road.

Mostly, the properties which are bang next to the road will have to give it to the government for the plan. A lot of big educational and health institutes will also have to give portions of their property to the road widening. These institutes include famous names like Apollo hospital, Fortis hospital and IIM- Bangalore. A lot of villas in Bangalore are also supposed to give their land.

So here are some reasons why you should invest in a property here,

  • This is a highway- the Bannerghatta road is a highway which is why residing here is very easy and you will never ever feel alone of isolated.
  • Easily accessible- this road is a road that connect Bangalore and a lot of other places. So if you have a house here, you can easily move around wherever you want without much trouble.
  • Everything around you- this areas has all the places that you might need around in close proximity. As we have already mentioned the name of the best hospitals and educational institutes that are very near and there are also a lot more such institutes which make living here a lot more easy if you decide to buy a property here.

So we have probably put before you all that you need to know about Bannerghatta road, in fact a lot more. We personally believe that this is surely a good place to invest in and if you are looking at a good place to invest your hard earned money in, then this is probably the best option.