The Easiest Way to Find a Perfect Restaurant or Bar

It’s Friday at 5:00, everyone is finishing work, and now all your friends want to kick back and relax; but where are you supposed to go that will make everybody happy? Some friends are going only for drinks, some others are going to want a full meal… and then the arguments begin! Luckily, now using’s new business pages, you can help alleviate some of the strain while deciding where to go, AND save some of your hard earned money at the same time.find a restaurant or a bar

What Is Groupon Pages?

Groupon Pages is an expansion of the infamous group-coupon site, that allows individual businesses to make specialized profiles with information such as menus, hours, price ranges, contact information, and of course a list of current deals.

How Does It Work?

Groupon Pages is similar to an online guidebook that businesses use their page to advertise, and customers leave feedback, reviews, and recommendations. So, if you live in San Francisco, and are planning a Friday after work happy hour, simply go to, select San Francisco, and then search “happy hour.” Depending on the needs of the group, you could end up at Blue Fin Sushi for $3 draft beers or Pedro’s Cantina for $3 tacos!

Why Should You Use It?

In addition to avoiding long and unnecessary arguments, Groupon Pages will also allow you to select your favorite profiles, and then automatically send you notifications or reminders when they are running special promotions. This way, you don’t need to constantly check the site in fear of missing out on an incredible bargain, instead they will tell you! Next time you’re part of a big group attempting to make plans, give Groupon Pages a try. It’s easy to use, incredibly informative, completely free, and can actually save a lot of money in the long run! If it’s something you end up using a lot, you can create a special email folder only for deals, so you don’t clog up your inbox. ”