6 Ways to Save Money on Office Furniture

Small businesses have to count the cost of every detail. You want to save money on your operating costs but some things are essential – office furniture, for example, is crucial. Without desks and chairs, how are your employees going to work? You also don’t want to cut corners on office furniture as poor quality furniture can lead to posture problems and uncomfortable workers. Here are some ideas for buying good quality office furniture that won’t break the bank. Save Money on Office Furniture

1. Formulate a Plan
Don’t rush out to the store and pay for a desk, chairs and cabinets without really thinking about what you need. You may be in a hurry to furnish your office but buy too quickly and risk an expensive mistake. Work out exactly what you need, and how much space you have to fit the furniture. Pull together a plan that shows where each item of furniture will fit and go to the store or look online with your specifications and your budget already worked out.

2. Shop Around
Ideally you will have some time to look at various options before you need to make a furniture purchase. Search online, such as on the officefurnituresolutions4u.co.uk pages, and look for special deals and offers. Online is a great place for deals and bargains. Sign up for newsletters with suppliers that will tell you about these deals. Look in stores that may not specialise in office furniture but provide good quality general purpose furniture. Search widely so that you give yourself the best chance of finding a good deal.

3. Consider Second-hand and Refurbished Furniture
Not all pieces have to be brand new. You can find some excellent quality, comfortable and attractive furniture that has already been used. Make sure you inspect the quality of the furniture before purchase, or only buy from a reputable dealer, to make sure you know what you are getting.

4. Try Liquidation Sales
It may not be good news for the business in question, but if they are going out of business or downsizing you can pick up a good deal on their unwanted furniture. Keep an eye out in the local press for business sales or look online.

5. Negotiate a Deal
If you are buying large amounts of certain furniture items like office chairs, you may be able to negotiate a bulk discount with a supplier. You may also be able to arrange linked deals for buying matching chairs and desks, for example. Ask and see what you can arrange.

6. Save on Delivery Costs
Make sure that the bargain furniture you are buying is not tied to a high delivery cost. Make sure that delivery is included or that it is reasonable – the cost soon adds up when you have to factor in delivery. If delivery is not free, and you can, order locally and pick up the furniture yourself with the help of a friend or colleague.

Image courtesy of nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net