The Keys to a Successful Blog

Key To Successful Blog

Whether you are thinking of launching a blog, or you already have one and would like to build your audience, there are concrete steps you can take to increase the odds it will stand out in the crowded sea of the internet. The topic of your blog must be something you feel passionate about. For … Read more

The Anatomy of a Perfect Logo Design

Anatomy of a Perfect Logo Design

Your company logo isn’t just a series of graphics that put a face on your brand. There is so much more to logos than meets the eye. It is essential to put thoughtful consideration and strategic planning in the selection of fonts, colours, shape, and layout so that logos made for your company tell the … Read more

Three Proven Ways to Monetize A Blog

Tips To Monetize Your Blog

Not too long ago, launching your own blog used to be a long and exhausting process. But with so many platforms and free tools available to you these days, owning a blog has become quite commonplace. And the best thing is that there are multiple ways to monetize a blog. But why are so many … Read more

How to Build a Consistent Following with Your Blog

Build a Consistent Following with Your Blog

While so many people are experiencing success with platforms like Instagram and YouTube, there’s still room for the standard blog to thrive. If you’re still drawn to the allure of creating your own platform and building your own blog like, consider the following ways you can effectively and consistently start your own blog. How … Read more

Digital Marketing Tips For Bloggers In 2020

Digital Marketing Tips

Bloggers are overwhelmingly competing to gain higher ranks in Google search results and increasing the size of their audience. Especially, with no physical barriers to entry, new competitors are entering the market place. Having said that, the industry is dominated by influencers and newcomers have to work hard, breaking their backs, in order to reach … Read more

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs And Business Websites

Best WordPress Plugins

If you have just started a new blog and looking for some must have WordPress plugins then this post is for you. Here we are sharing 5 best WordPress plugins every blog and business websites must install from day 1. Though Plugins make life easy for bloggers, you should not install too many plugins on … Read more