Three Proven Ways to Monetize A Blog

Not too long ago, launching your own blog used to be a long and exhausting process. But with so many platforms and free tools available to you these days, owning a blog has become quite commonplace. And the best thing is that there are multiple ways to monetize a blog.Tips To Monetize Your Blog

But why are so many attempting to build a following for their blogs and battling for attention in the blogosphere? The answer is actually quite simple: they want to monetize it. And you should too. In order to help you do that, here are a few proven ways. Let’s dive in! 

Three Proven Ways To Monetize A Blog

Publish And Sell Your ebook To Your Subscribers

Long gone are the days when becoming a published author used to mean sending your manuscripts to dozens of traditional publishers and waiting for their verdict. Now, you can be an author, a marketer, and a publisher all in one. Thanks to the various content creation and digital advertising tools and platforms (such as AdsSupply, Taboola, Fiverr, Outbrain, etc.) available to us online, it has become much easier to take the self-publishing and DIY publishing route. For example, you can take advantage of it by selling your own ebook and marketing it through your blog. Does writing an ebook sound like a daunting task? Well, the great thing about this is that you actually don’t have to start from scratch. You can just as easily repurpose the content of your blog, add a few topics, and maybe workbooks to make it meatier and more engaging.    

Offer An Online Course Through Your Blog

You can also take your cue from most famous brands, and create and sell your own online course. Not only will this establish your credibility in your field of expertise, but it will also help you rake in money through your blog too. For example, you can offer your followers a free tutorial, like a sneak-peek from your course, in order to entice them to complete the purchase later.   

Offer Your Services As a Freelance Blogger

There are plenty of niche blogs these days that allow other bloggers to post on their blog. Here, not only can you showcase your skills and level of expertise, but you’ll also be driving traffic back to your own site/blog. This tactic can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, so take the time and put in the efforts to create some high-quality content.     

Making money from your blog is not just as easy as launching it. To start earning, you need to be able to work out a well-planned strategy and stick to it. At the risk of simply echoing what everyone says, making the most out of your blog requires a headstrong determination and hard work in order for it to succeed.