8 DoFollow Social Bookmarking sites with High PR

dofollow social bookmarking sitesSocial bookmarking is a way of saving and storing web pages or online information for future reference. Today I am going to share about some high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites. There are lots of benefits of submitting to a do follow high PR social bookmarking site.The main two are Major impact on generating site traffic and backlink juice. Remember don’t submit content just to get traffic without taking into account whether the content would interest the community. Here is the list-

1. Slashdot:[PR8]

Alexa Traffic Rank 1273:

Do follow: Yes

Slashdot is one of the most popular social bookmarking site. If your site/blog is about technology, science then this site is for you.Submitted content is evaluated by editors before it is shared with its users.

2. Propeller:[PR8]

Alexa Traffic Rank:1688

Do follow:Yes

I heard about propeller in Michael dunlop’s retireat21. Like digg here also users submit links they like,then other users vote for it. Propeller is gaining its popularity day by day as an easy to use social bookmarking site.
3. Stumbleupon:[PR8]

Do follow: N/A

Alexa Traffic Rank: 196

Another very easy to use high PR social bookmarking site. All you need to do is just download the stumbleupon toolbar. Give a thumbs up to a websites you like and thumbs down to a site you do not like.

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Alexa Traffic Rank: 294

Do follow: yes

Reddit is a community based news site that focuses on what’s new and popular on the web. It is one of the easy to use social bookmarking site with a simple design. While many of the other social bookmarking sites are dominated by current headlines, Reddit attracts more offbeat news and commentary on current news.
5. Folkd:[PR7]

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1524

Do follow: yes

Folkd dot com is a community powered social webservice that has the goal to “enrich your web-surfing experience. Folkd works as a browser extension which you can download through Mozilla. Once the extension is installed a tabbed sidebar displays this related information. Users can vote up sites with the Folk it button. It is one of the most popular bookmarking site in India, Germany and USA.
6. Metafilter:[PR7]

Alexa Traffic Rank: 2159

Do follow: yes

A community weblog which allows users to discuss topics and share links. Like Slashdot moderation is done here by editors.
7. Fark:[PR7]

Alexa Traffic Rank: 2181

Do follow: N/A

A social news community which allows users to contribute a link or comment on existing news stories. User submitted links will be posted on the main page once they are approved by the administrators.

8. Kirtsy:[PR5]

Alexa Traffic Rank: 9103

Do follow: yes

Another social bookmarking site powered by female audience. Kirtsy mainly focus on fashion, entertainment and design on top of other topics like technology and food. Editorial approval is required here also.

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