Make Money With Social Bookmarking Site

It is one of the easiest way to make money online. This method is based on a very simple idea-simply bookmark sites and get paid when other people click on your ads. Most of you believe that we must have a blog/website to make money online with Google Adsense. But to make money online with this bookmarking site you don’t need to have your own website/blog. Some other ways are also there to make money online even you don’t have your own website or blog, but most of them require you to write articles to make earning. But there is a site named Xomba through which you can make money without your own site and content. Just you need a Adsense account. But if you want you can also submit your own written content to Xomba.

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More about Xomba
Xomba is a revenue sharing website on which you can post your content and get paid advertising profits from Google Adsense. The more you bookmark,the more you can earn. But keep in mind your bookmarking pages should be interested to grab attention of other’s people. Definitely it is a fun way to make money online, while sharing your favorite pages with others. Xomba will split it’s Adsense revenue 50/50 with you .

So why are you waiting for? Go to Xomba and sign up for your free account. It is so simple to sign up with Xomba. Just create a user name and password, enter a valid email id and agree to the Xomba terms of service and posting rules. After that you enter your Adsense id. Now you are ready to post in Xomba. Happy earning.

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