5 Things To Avoid When Blogging

This is the first guest post on EarningDiary.This post is contributed by 16 years old entrepreneur Onibalusi Bamidele. He wrote a free ebook on 7 keys to build a better website which is available at his blog young entrepreneurblog

Things To Avoid When BloggingGlad to hear you are blogging. Blogging is really great and interesting; there is also freedom in blogging but not the type of freedom you think about. The type of freedom in blogging is the one that comes after months or years of Hardwork which is the financial freedom, but there are things you must not do (I mean you must try to avoid as a plague) when blogging. Those things are outlined below-

1. Blogging for money: Who doesn’t like money? But when your thirst for money is to the extent of not working for it or  hurting another person to get it then I believe you have to check yourself. Money is good, we all love it. Blogging is a good way to make money; in fact a better way if you learn how to use it effectively but your ultimate goal shouldn’t just be to earn money without doing anything. Your blog’s ultimate goal should be to help people and not just make money online. Let’s use this example: you set up a store, do you expect to make money without selling a product. Help people, impact their lives and they will be happy to spend their money with you. There is nothing bad in having an intention to make money from your blog, in fact that is a perfect intention but you shouldn’t just expect the money to come overnight, you have to work hard for it.

2. Not updating frequently: It amazes me that many bloggers don’t blog frequently and they expect readers to continue to come to their blog. How do you expect your readers to be coming everyday to a blog you only update once a month? You have to have a posting frequency; your blog should be a source of information for your readers. You might choose to update every week or even better every day but make sure your readers are always finding value in your posts.

3. Over monetizing: So many bloggers over monetize their blog. Imagine a blog that is full of advertisement, posts sponsored reviews 5 times a week and only posts valuable posts two time a week, what do you expect the readers to gain from this type of blog. It is good to monetize your blog, but remember your blog will be useless without your readers frequenting it so try as much as possible to take good care of your blog and also take your readers into consideration. You might decide to promote 1000 affiliates product in a week, but just make sure your readers are benefiting: for example, there is nothing bad in promoting 1000 affiliate products a week when you are writing 20000 posts a week, just make sure everything blends with each other  and that the end result should be to the benefit of both of you.

4. Not proofreading: I never knew what a fool I was for doing this until I learned my lesson the hard way. I wrote a great guest post and submitted it to a particular blogger who told me he cannot read it (in a rude manner though), I was first annoyed that I wrote a great post for your blog and you rejected it, I will go and submit it to another blogger. My mind told me to re-read it even though I will no longer submit it to the same blogger, you will not believe me that after reading the guest post, I was wondering if I was the one who wrote that post, it was full of grammatical errors and incomplete sentences as a result of my typing speed and failure to proofread, since then, I have been proofreading all my posts. I think my story has explained it all!

5. Writing for Google: Many bloggers now engage in an act of writing for Google in the name of writing keyworded (if there is any word like that) articles. Your main goal (I mean blogging goal) should be focused towards your readers and not any search engine. I wonder why you should be writing for bots. In case you don’t know, links control the web and links are the basis to any search engine rankings a website can obtain. You should focus on writing quality articles that people will link to rather than keyword stuffing your articles, don’t try to annoy your “golden” and loyal readers just to gain favor from a search engine.

 The above are 5 great blogging mistakes you must try to avoid as much as possible, they are deadly. Avoid them, I mean do their opposite and blog your way to success.

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