Home Technology: Dow Powerhouse Shingles Coming to a Store Near You

furniture care guidelinesDow Power, a subsidiary of Dow, is selling a breakthrough product in home power generation and roofing called the Dow Powerhouse Shingles. This product is revolutionary as it combines new thin wafer photo voltaic cell technology with the tried and tested protection of conventional roofing shingles. The result is a roofing solution that keeps out the elements and has the potential to significantly reduce power bills over time. This technology is so impressive, it even got a nod from Popular Mechanics getting the 2012 Breakthrough award.

A Complete Clean Energy Power System

For the past two decades, photovoltaic cells were put in bulky boxes that made installation on residences bulky and unsightly. However, a new breakthrough in film PV cells emerged called CIGS(Copper Indium Gallium di Selenide) based cells. These cells have a film of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium sprayed on plastic that have the same power generating effect as conventional cells. The Dow Powerhouse Shingle is a complete turnkey system that includes an DC/AC power converter, connection to the power grid, and web-based monitoring system so you know how much power your home is generating. Dow Power can even monitor your system remotely.

Built to Last

The best part about Dow Powerhouse shingles is their longevity. Customers get a 20 year warranty with their installation. That means that you can enjoy solar power generation for the same length of time as the life of your roof without sacrificing the quality of your solar power system or your roof. In addition Dow Power’s remote monitoring provides continue service to make sure your powerhouse shingles work properly over the life of the warranty.

Expanding Across the US

Dow Power started sale of Powerhouse shingles in Colorado. Due to their success the company continues to expand sales across the US starting with California, Texas, and New York. In each of these states Dow Power is partnering with select roofing contractors to sell and install the solar system. In the near future, further demand could lead to sales of Dow Powerhouse Shingles nationwide.

A Good Investment

The Dow Powerhouse shingle is a great investment for homeowners. First, the system makes it possible for the power company to start paying you for a change. Your system can generate enough power over time to reduce your power bill by as much as 60 percent according to the company. In addition the states where Dow Powerhouse Shingles are sold, New York and California, offer tax incentives for installing them. In New York homeowners can get as much as $4 for every dollar spent on the shingles. In addition the company says that homeowners can recoup the cost of the shingles within the first half of the system’s lifespan. In addition Homeowners Insurance Policies love renovations and improvements that boost home values and it can net you savings on your policy.