6 Social Networking Sites For Entrepreneurs

Today I am going write about some social networking sites specially made for entrepreneurs. Millions of people including you are using social networks like linkedIn, twitter to brand/promote your company to other millions of people across the world. But there are some other social networking sites specially made for entrepreneurs. Unlike general social networking sites, here also you can create profiles, make friends or share your ideas. Then what extra features these sites provide to you? These types of sites help entrepreneurs to market and brand their business. Here people are discussing about their business, not about their launch or what they have bought in market. Look at the list-

Best Social Networking Sites For Entrepreneurs



Founder:-Sarah Prevette
One of the best social networking site for entrepreneurs is Sprouter and is something like twitter. If you want to know more about entrepreneurship and business ideas then please join this site. Sprouter enables networking and collaboration between Entrepreneurs globally in a real-time format.



Founder:-Lars Hinrichs
An active marketplace where people can connect to share goods and services. In Xing There are thousands of groups that you can join with some with a membership of 21,000 and higher. Don’t forget to join this site because xing is the second largest business network.



Founder:-Adrian Scott
Another business social networking site with a special focus on the entrepreneur. It allows users to organize themselves by interests, location etc. The great thing about Ryze is When you sign up, Ryze sends you links of other business contacts in your geographical area (country, state, etc) to check out.



Founder:-Penny Power
Another social networking site for entrepreneurs founded in 1998. This site is helpful for creating contacts and sharing knowledge. Ecademy is often compared to LinkedIn. But it has a different feel. In LinkedIn people built relationship with others they have already know. Ecademy is more social, with members contacting others to introduce themselves and add other members as contacts.

Young Entrepreneur

Founder:-Adam Toren and Matthew Toren
Another award winning social networking site for entrepreneurs. This is a forum based very active community for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Young Entrepreneur helps its members to promote business for themselves and others.



Founder:-Dan McComb & Lara Feltin
BizNik appeals to entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to help each other succeed. Here members are able to look for other members on a local level and see what events are available in their area. Remember all Biznik members must use their real names, and provide real data.

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