5 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog More Interactive

Make Your Blog More InteractiveA blog is like a company for the blogger. No matter you are blogging to make money online or just for fun, a blog is a very important treasure to the blogger and so he/she always wants the blog to be attractive and admired.

However CMS provide their own tools and options to make the blog look attractive and appealing but there are a few more things that one need to follow to make the blog yet more striking. I am blogging for last many years and agree on the point that content is the king of a blog but at the same time I feel that the look and appearance of the blog also matters a lot.

The look and appearance of the blog is something which creates the first impression on the visitor’s mind. Thus it is very important to pay your attention towards the looks and appearance of the blog. In this piece of writing I am sharing some very useful and helpful tips which may help you perking up the look of your blog and making it yet more appealing than it is presently.

Keep on reading and try to follow the below mentioned tips and trust me you will notice the progress in your blog’s value-

Use attractive but readable font

the very common blogging mistakes that the new bloggers do is to use the stylish fonts to make the blog good. They forget that readability is equally important for a blog. So the first tip is selecting the correct font. There are many stylish fonts which are also readable. Those fonts may help you make your blog look classy and appealing.

Images speak louder than words

This is what we all know. Trying using good images in your blog but make sure that the images you are using are actually relevant to your content. Do not use oversized or undersized images. Keep a standard size for all the images in your blog. It brings a uniformity which is very important for the look of a blog.

Social sharing widgets and buttons

Social networking websites are now providing the excellently designed buttons and widgets. These buttons, along with serving the social sharing, perks up the look of your blog. Remember that the proper placement of these buttons is very important. If not placed in an appropriate place they may rather make your blog look cluttered.

Images or Content Slideshow

The content slideshow emphasizes your content and your images. You can use PowerPoint to bring an extra magnetism to your post. The only thing to remember here is that the images or the content used in the slideshow is highly relevant to your blog and blog post.

Do not exceed

Some blogger use the excessive decorative options and tools with intention to make the blog attractive but actually they create the clutter all around. Decoration is necessary but over decoration might deteriorate the pleasantness and likeability of your blog. Use the widgets, design tools and other setting but make sure that you are not exceeding the limits anywhere.

The above mentioned points might not be all but I have tried to give you the best useful tips based on my own experience. While designing the blog just keep the thing in mind that it is your own blog and only you can make it look attractive and appealing.

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