7 Most Common Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

common blogging mistakesFoe everyone who blog for the additional sales of your product and not seen the benefits, there is a chance. Here are the few most common blogging mistakes that everyone does while blogging so take a note of it avoid the mistakes. It is important for blogger gets good results without getting frustrated.

Here are the most common blogging mistakes:

1. Extract the key message

The latest study reveals that only 16% of people actually read the post word by word and rest of only scan and look for key message of the post. That means your post must flash the key content at first which can be seen by the reader and make him read the entire post and I have lots of words in the post and key content at last paragraph then it’s none of ours. Reader neglects the post and search the other .Your post should scan able

2. Using full paragraph format.

As we know that people just scan they don’t read and your post is full of mass of verbiage then how could you stick reader to your post. Keep your post simple few words and giving key content in that word only. Don’t go for the long paragraph format.

3. Not using or numbering lists.

Readers do not like long paragraphs. So using numbered lists do well to understand information and interpret it. As we numbered the lists and content people easily interpret such lists and extract as much key information than long sturdy paragraphs. Numbered list can give reader the well listed content and they can scan exactly what they want.

4. Trying to sell something in a blog post.

Blogs are information centre not a pressure sales tactic reader can feel threatened or pressured and leave immediately. Tries to get readers’ trust and build authority, so use the blogs for insuring trust and credibility and the reader find themselves as a sales opportunity.

5. Not including facts.

The reader doesn’t care about your opinion if you are not more well known, not established trust and credibility with them. So how can you establish the trust answer is by giving reference of other trusted sources? And use this reference to expand the concepts of those sources. Includes the facts in your post

6. Using improper titles.

What if your blog and content is so descriptive and enticing and not having a proper title, readers definitely won’t even look or scan your post .So makes sure your title of the post is creative that appear in search results on social media site. Choosing a proper title can be one of the points to remember while posting a blog. A proper title can give an idea of what are the content of your post and attract the readers.

7. Writing for PhDs (i.e. using big words).

The most common problem of all bloggers is they often use such vocabulary that can impress others. And by doing that you are losing readers interest and it will cost you one more reader. Remember you are not writing for PhDs and don’t have any point to prove others. Sometimes we feel ourselves a writer or something more than that, our vocabulary is such of high level meaningful but difficult to understand. So avoid using such heavy words.