Custom Design Tools for Your Customized Blog

custom design toolsWhen you enter the web market, your webpage or weblog becomes your online identity. The design, layout and the fonts used in your blog highlight your professional skills in the business market. Everything, right from the color schemes, the style and the features used in your blog express your competitive spirit and reflects your urge to become one of the best online business entrepreneurs. As a result, you need custom designed blogs that interpret your business ideas and unique services to your clients and visitors. And, to help you make your weblog customized, there is a powerful tool that can help you add that extra spark to your blog.

Custom Design is a powerful tool that includes features such as the easy-to-use typeKit code-free font selection, an elegant CSS editing interface which has complete support of its creators, the The tool offers you both its new features, CSS and Fonts available under the Appearance ->Custom Design category. Check out the free preview of the Custom Design tool and experience the magic of its new features.

Easy to use Fonts

The Custom Design Font Editor gives you a complete visual preview using more than 50 premium Typekit fonts used from FontFont, Mark Simonson, League of Moveable Fonts, etc. that make your blog look completely unique and classy. You can easily modify the style and the size of your fonts based on your choice. The fonts feature can be used easily in all themes and requires absolutely no skills.

Also, in order to give you the best font options, the creators of Custom Design tool used Typekit, thus offering its users with a huge variety of font styles. The tool also gives you the ability to manage the typekit font settings, directly from the dashboard. Thus, in order to update your fonts, you no longer need to visit typekit and then again upgrade your weblog. Thus, upgrading your blog with the new Custom Design tool will help you use the best fonts for your webpage.

CSS Expertise

Add a personal touch to your weblog and create a completely new design using the new CSS Editor feature included in the Custom Design tool. The CSS editor functionalities are similar to the previous version, except its visual appearance. Using the CSS editor feature is much easier, especially if you are an expert in using the cascading style sheet. Give your blog a new classy look by using the CSS editor. However, if your weblog already has the CSS custom feature enabled, the tool will work more or less the same way as earlier. With the CSS editor enabled, your visitors will not see much difference in your blog design. However, you will have complete access to the new features such as the Font Editor which altogether with the CSS editor give your blog a completely new refreshing and upgraded look as compared to your competitors.

So, use the new Custom Design tool and craft your own blog, in your customized fashion.

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