5 Best Social Media Websites That Can Promote Your Website

Although there are plenty of social media websites available that can help you in promoting your website or blog. However today I want to share some new, not new but unseen best social media websites that can really help you in promoting your personal, make money online, business website or blog.

best social media websites


One of the popular website that focus on celebrity gossip and other news. It is just like Digg where you can submit stories, videos and images and user can vote on your shared stories. The interface is really very simple and having good alexa ranking. If you website or blog is focusing on celebrity related content then don’t forget to use TeenWag for promoting.


A popular social media website that focuses on business related news, tips and entrepreneur ship. If your website or blog is about entrepreneurship then InBoundMArketing can help you in promoting your blog or website.


A great community based website that covers C++, Visual Basic, .NET, ASP, NET Development tools and technology related stories. You can submit your stories if they are related to the above topics. You will get quality and relevant traffic for your blog or website.


One of the most popular and top entertainment, news and videos related social media website. That covers movies, music, songs and other entertainment related stories. Its Page Rank is 5 and Alexa Rank is below 8,000.


A popular social media website about Cars, where users can submit stores and blog posts about Automotive, Classified Ads, Galleries and  Cards. Its Page Rank is 5 and Alexa Rank below 30,000. It can help you in promoting your Auto related websites or blogs.

Social Media plays vital role in promotion, however it will only help you, if you follow the rules and guidelines mentioned by the website owner. If you are thinking about long term, then social media is the only place where you can build readership for your blog or website.

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